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Hey Mary Beth,

There shouldn't be a problem with coming into the comment form from and RSS/Atom link, let me know if there still is a problem.

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I just came in through a link from my RSS reader, and for the first time in a long time I do see the comment validation question, so it looks like it is indeed fixed.

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YAY! Thanks, Jay (and thanks, Mary Beth, for pursuing this).

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Mary Beth, it's great that you and others in IBM view this blog as mission-critical, but I wonder if you fully appreciate the positive impact that your blog has had on the morale and positive attitude of many in the Notes user community.

The announcement of Hannover was a major turning point for Lotus Notes user: - it demonstrated a major recommitment by IBM in the Lotus Notes software platform - It demonstrated a recognition by IBM that the Notes user interface was long overdue for an update- it demonstrated a strategy of blending past, present and future technologies that finally made sense to Lotus Notes users
However, I believe that your blog & the blogs of several other IBM staff was just as significant a turning point for the Lotus Notes user community:- it indicated a significant change in attitude by IBM towards the Lotus Notes user community- it gave Lotus Notes users a voice (however small) and demonstrated how we could impact the IBM software development process- it demonstrated a respect for the opinions and input of Lotus Notes users (and a tolerance for our tough love)- it has made the IBM development process a little more transparent and publicly accessible- through your feedback and candour, it presented a human face to an otherwise intimidating IBM corporate image- it demonstrates that the input and opinions of Lotus Notes users could actually effect your development priorities
I hope that you appreciate not just what you and your team get but also what you give to the Lotus Notes community through this blog.
Keep up the good work,

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Glad to see that comment problem is now fixed. I on ly had problems with the small validation mechanism from time to time.

I support Ian's comment (I'm a former IBMer).

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Why don't you use the 7.0.2 blogging template?

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