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You were right with the first title. It´s Mira Mira! =)
Nice to know we finally get a Demo in spanish to show to our Customers.
Is this the beginning of a series of Demos or just this one for this time?

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@sebastian-- I do not know, I hope that this is the beginning, but it is up to each region to create their own.

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Oh, and, I knew "mira mira!" from my best friend from college, who is a Spanish teacher. I don't speak Spanish "officially" but I am surprised at how many words/ phrases I understand from just hanging out with her (um, and also going to Spain with her... Madrid, Seville during Semana Santa, including bedbugs and pensione owners who gave away our rooms.... but that's another story...) I watched/listened to the entire demo and had a lot of fun figuring out what they were saying!

And now a challenge to all the other goes! what will the next language be?? Portuges? Japanese?

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Mary Beth -- It's Portugues ;-)

Anyway, this shows the excitment around the new versions, everyone is doing their share of work to let the clients know about them. Nice.

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