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Great, Great, *GREAT*!

This is such a good persona...I see myself and so many past and present colleagues/friends/acquaintances in there. Like Charles, I am glad we are starting to focus on developers and am really looking forward to seeing where this takes us!
Thank you!

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Some additional questions to consider about Raj...

1) How does he learn about new technologies and techniques involving Notes?
2) How does he enforce his Best Practices on other members of his team?
3) What is his level of knowledge about Domino administration?
4) Does Renovations pay for Raj to deepen his technology skills, or must he do this on his own?
5) Does Raj prefer the cuisine of his native India, or has he developed a fondness for, say, southern Italian?
6) While at the University of Chicago, did Raj participate in the Scavenger Hunt? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/University_of_Chicago_Scavenger_Hunt (I say he did!)
I should add that it amuses me that he is known as the "NTF guy."
I AM LEGION!!!!! :-D

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Hey Nathan, I'm surprised you didn't bring this one up. Shouldn't Raj be writing Object Oriented LotusScript? Just because he doesn't want to delve into J2EE, that doesn't mean he can't do OO stuff, right? And just think, it'll give him more reasons to love/hate Designer. Ok, mostly hate. *chuckle*

I'm joking a bit, but mostly serious. If Raj is an expert, he'll have written at least SOME OO LotusScript. He may have written just enough to prove he can do it, or just enough to get really frustrated with Designer, but he'll have at least "kicked the tires" a bit.

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A bit more:

What is Raj's operating system of choice, at work and home? In the Domino blogosphere, the most common answer would be Windows at work (because he has to), but OS X or Linux at home. And he really wants Domino Designer to run on the OS of choice at home.
Does Raj want to use test driven development? Does he want a LotusScript testing framework (a la junit for java)?
Does Raj go to Lotusphere? Has he been heard singing karaoke at Kimono's?
What does RAJ think about Eclipse as an IDE? Visual Studio.NET?
Does RAJ have to support multiple Notes and Domino versions?
Does RAJ have a full development/test/staging/production environment setup? He's not developing on the production server, is he?
Does RAJ develop for or support handheld devices? Which ones, and what tools does he use to work with them?

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This is great, although of course Raj would know that it's referred to as "@Formula" (not "Notes Command Language").

He has a development server, of course (possibly more than one).
Having worked with Notes/Domino since before there was a "Domino," he knows some admin--enough to BE the admin for a small company, in fact, though that's not his role at Renovations.
And yeah, he's been to almost every Lotusphere, except the first couple, but doesn't do karaoke.
--Raj (I mean, Kendall) (majored in CS, unlike Raj)

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p.s. also known as "@Formula language" or "Formula language"...just haven't personally heard anyone call it "Notes Command Language"...I guess someone must call it that, though. ;-)

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developers, developers, developers!!!

Raj knows that there is an "HTML Pane", but has found it difficult to use, so he uses an external html editor, and pastes the html on the form.
that's what i would do...

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This is good - definitely mirrors my knowledge uptake of Lotus Notes. The paragraph about Java is spot on.

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This is perfect! Everything from the liberal arts to the limited Java interest/expertise...hits the nail right on th head!

Great stuff! Looking forward to more!

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Raj is one of small group of Notes & Domino professionals. He's tired of of the constant whinging from the MS server admins & desktop support group (there are of course many more of them) that Notes mail doesn't work like Outlook.

He also knows that many of the CxO level managers at Renovations don't 'get' Notes - they only use email and the applications he builds are usually department level solutions that they don't see.
So he feels the need to be a 'Notes Evangelist' at his company and is always reading up on new and innovative techniques he can use in his Notes applications. He is looking to IBM to provide more tools to do this (maybe some AJAX style widgets for web dev, an easy way to extend some of the new 8 style UX to his notes client apps, etc - he's not really sure but there are days he feels like he's fighting a loosing battle).

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This is great stuff. Like a lot of other people much of this mirrors my own experience.

It is heartening to see Lotus really thinking about this.

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Mary Beth, in beta, I was a vocal one that felt that having "one-click" access to PIM tools was critical to a good Notes UI.

If you load Notes8 now, you have to use the OPEN drop-down to find Calendar, Contacts, ToDos, Journel, Etc. So what do people do, they jam the ugly bookmarks bar back on the left side of the screen.
This is becoming the new Notes UI:http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/blogs/resources/CompApps/BusinessMailNotes8s.jpg
It makes me sad that people are doing this. It's like you are purposely making it hard to get to the CORE of the product.
In the bottom left of that screenshot, you could add nice "chunky" icons for CALENDAR, TODO, ADDRBOOK, JOURNEL. And keep those icons consistent across those 5 templates. Then jumping between them becomes natural. And they don't get lost (out of sight out of mind)... and ugly workarounds like the above dont become the norm.

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well to make Raj track more to my experience, you would need to add;-

+ enthusiastically did Java for Notes 4.6 course but never actually did much as developing Java in Domino Designer was a mess..
+ drools over the latest version of Notes (eg 8) while usually having to make-do with the company being at least one full version behind in is deployment (eg 6)
+ finds many of the issues that are raised are simply due to end-users never receiving any basic Notes training
+ wages a subversive 'pro-Lotus' p.r. campaign and always dreads some new CIO who wants to 'go Microsoft'
+ uses Win XP at work but prefers Leopard at home

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Sean makes a good point. High on Raj's list of challenges should be the pace at which his desktop support team is willing to upgrade the Notes clients, and how that can make it difficult for him to provide modern solutions which can compete against demos done in Office 2007. It's hard to show off the capabilities of composite applications in Notes 5, even for a guru like Raj.

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