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1 localhost commented Permalink

Wow, your personae are very midwestern-based! Not a bad thing.

2 localhost commented Permalink

I agree the concept of People and their patterns to fit useability... but 2 out of 3 are pretty similar, working in marketing. Also, "Ted" and "Samantha" spend a lot of time in meetings...

This doesn't seem that broad a scope...what about remote stuff, support, technical... project management ( "samantha" seems light on project management, community involvement etc), How about widening a role away from marketing.. eg engineering, knowlege / specialist technical workers, people on the road a lot, people who are juggling things at the same time, rather than just "face meeting" marketeers?
Basically, I figured each character should be really different, to give widest scope for purpose.

3 localhost commented Permalink

If this is all Notes 6.5 oriented, how/where/when is Hannover involved? Or is that forthcoming and I'm jumping the gun?

4 localhost commented Trackback

I agree about the fact that a wider scope in "Renovations" should be considered (2 more personae, not so much).But maybe you should take care about other kind of organizations, such as one in the Public Administration sector.And what about the situation we often face, in which the manager is not familiar with the technoligy and works on paper above all?...

5 localhost commented Permalink

Good stuff, but could go a little further in describing user problems.

Why exactly is Samantha frustrated with mail and contacts compared to Outlook?
Why does Betty hate repeating meetings?
- Mike

6 localhost commented Trackback

Always good to have marketing-focused personae. After all, marketing people seem to make all the decisions nowadays... ;o)

7 localhost commented Trackback

The Cribs

8 localhost commented Trackback

Very nice! thenk's!

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