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1 localhost commented Trackback

I personally always set this to on, but I know from experience that new users do not expect the unread status to change just by previewing.

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My vote: on by default

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Is it switchable via a policy? If so, it doesn't matter one way or another.

A more interesting question is: do you rely on unread marks in applications other than mail, and if so, should this preferences be on a per application basis instead? :-)

5 localhost commented Permalink

On by default. I just changed my setting in the public.

6 localhost commented Permalink

The way I look at it is if you've previewed something, its basically because you want -

1. To read it without "opening it"2. Scan read part of it to determine if you need to read the rest of it.
Either way, you've read it / read part of it.
I would therefore say the default should be on.
The user always then has the option to turn it off from the preferences if they don't like it.

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interesting one this, and I walk against the tide.

Personally I would not expect a preview to change its status.I know alot of people who use the preview simply becuase they dont want its status to change i.e. so it gets left Unread.
I added a button to the mail template Action bar called 'Leave as Unread' which allows the user to open the document in its full pane and close it but retaining its unread status. This, for many users is easier than pressing Insert to mark it unread again. This is preferable to many, especially for those emails that dont merit a full blown Follow Up flag.
I should actually propose at this point to add a 'Leave as Unread' button to the core shipping template.
However...the introduction of the rightsided preview changes this debate alot. The bottom preview was difficult to read due to having to use scroll bars etc (even with the reduced header graphic). The right sided preview might make a *big* difference such that users can read pretty much in full most emails without the need to scroll.
I'm open minded, I think... the logical thing is to leave it unread; the sensible thing is to mark it read, and the best thing is to perhaps give the user a choice at read-time (without having to flag it as a follow up)

8 localhost commented Permalink

I agree with John, I vote for "Off" as my personal preference, but provided the default can be select by each user, I guess it doesn't matter.

I often use Unread marks as a flag to highlight certain emails in my In-Tray. I note in the Notes 8 Beta that in the new Mail template that you have copied the Outlook & GMail etc. conventions and now indicate Unread emails with Black Bold text rather than with the traditional Red text, I am OK with that change, but I would prefer that Lotus also copy another Outlook convention and allow user to Unmark emails with the Right Mouse options. This is much easier than the current Edit > Unread Marks > Mark Selected Unread function that is currently provided in the Notes Menu.

9 localhost commented Trackback

The interesting thing about this is that I've never had it "On" in Notes. But I've also rarely used the preview pane in Notes, because it takes away too much of the view while not showing enough of the message.

Now, having been an Outlook user for my work email for a year (still using Notes at home... ain't that a change of pace!?), I've gotten completely used to using the preview in Outlook on the right. Even though it still reduces the number of messages seen in the index, the benefit of seeing a lot of the message text makes this more usable. And in Outlook, I've gotten completely used to it changing my messages to "read" when I preview them. In most cases, preview is showing me the whole message, or at least the whole most recent reply in the message chain, so this just seems natural. Outlook does this with a time delay, and early on as an outlook user I went into my settings and reduced the delay to the minimum (which I think is 1 second).
So, I'm kind of torn, but I'm leaning toward saying that the default should be "On". I wish, though, that it could be "On" if preview is on the right, but otherwise "Off".

10 localhost commented Permalink

I agree with Kendall: don't mark it read if I accidently select it or step over it with the arrow keys. A "preview" pane shouldn't mark as read. Of course you can rename it and call it a regular view, than it's ok to mark as read.

OTOH I have to admit that I misuse the unread mark as a "I still need to do something with this mail" mark. Efficient use of mail means to touch each mail only once and either reply to, delete, archive, flag it or make a todo item out of it.

11 localhost commented Permalink

I'm in the off camp.I want to use the preview pane w/o triggering anything (read marks, read receipts etc,)

12 localhost commented Trackback

As far as I remember, viewing a mail in preview pane triggers the read receipt.Then it would be more coherent to have mail marked as read.

ON thus

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14 localhost commented Permalink

It should do whatever Outlook does.

Set to "Yes", but make sure to wait about 5 seconds after loading the document into the preview pane before actually marking the document as read.

15 localhost commented Permalink

Interesting, and one of those that depends on how people interpret their read / unread marks.....I will often preview a message to determine the effort required to reply, if it requires little effort or a short answer then I will action on it. Alternatively if the message requires some effort I will leave it / mark it to unread and come back to it when the time is right.

So my preference would be OFF, does preview = read?
Either way this is one of those that will never please everyone.
One request……can we please include mark as read/unread on the context sensitive right click menu….I know insert does the same thing but I keep on right clicking and looking for it !!

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