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I was Office Systems (O/S) manager until early may 2005 in my organisation. Today I'm working on a new mission, but I'm still *VERY* interested in the future of Notes/Hannover (ask Mary Beth).
We have a ~1 500 Notes users base in France and Germany with 20 to 25 Domino servers.
Our organisation is a mixed Notes/Domino-Outlook/Exchange mail environment (and yes that's a nightmare for I/S and end-users).
I have sent several mails to Mary Beth about end-user efficiency in the past months.
I could surely help you (if you wish) by setting up a group of French (as least, but may be German too) end-users to provide you with feedback, under control of todays O/S manager. Mary Beth has my e-mail address, so feel free to contact me.
BTW, I've been (and I keep) submitting a number of ESR PMR officially about numerous user interface or efficiency enhancements : I would guess (hope) they have all found their way to you... If not drop me a mail and I'll provide you with a summary.

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Hi Mary Beth,

I follow this blog with great interest, and cant wait to get my hands on the Hannover beta. Off topic I know, but can you share a bit of detail on the admin client side of things? It would be great to learn what is coming there.

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How about advertise on www.ibm.com (the main page)? That would certainly widen your audience for feedback.


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Hi Merry,

Lovely to read your blog entry today and see all the efforts your team is putting in.
I was recently reading the blog of the head of the Office 12 user interface design team, Jensen Harris.http://blogs.msdn.com/jensenh/
They are doing some pretty amazing things over there, such as recording eye movement so that they can trace the order in which the user discovers features.
There is also an opt-in service shipping with Office 12 (Microsoft Office Customer Experience Improvement Program) that allows tracking of usage patterns etc.
It would be great if IBM was able to rival Microsoft's incredible focus on the user. I firmly believe that the user perception of 'wrongness' with the Notes client UI has its source in this difference of detail to which the two companies go to in developing UIs.
Notwithstanding all this, Jensen's blog makes a fascinating read for anyone interested in UI development and application design.

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Thanks to Charles, Pierre, Peter, and Luke for your comments! I appreciate them and have some responses for you...

I like the fact that you have a group of end users serve as a testing ground to help you create your training. You said you like to let them get their hands dirty before you show them anything. Notes is such a big product - do you ask them to use a particular area or just let them go at it? And, are they using a new version with their own data or is this a test machine in your training lab? When we take Hannover on the road for usability testing, we ask people to go through a particular set of tasks (ones they are likely to do because of their job roles). We sit with them and ask them to think out loud as they are working through a task. We get feedback from them on the task and on lots of other things they discover as they use the software. I think we'd find out lots of different things if they were left to play with the software on their own with their own data. We are trying this out with the Hannover Beta program by asking people to work in a certain area for a day and provide us with feedback to a set of questions. We haven't done this before, so we'll see how it works.
And, about clarifying the differences between the Eclipse and non-Eclipse clients - I know people are working on a description of that. We need to be clear - so maybe we'll use your idea of having a small testbed of reviewers before making it public.
I had a meeting with Mary Beth this morning and told her I wanted to get in touch with you. I am definitely interested in taking you up on your offer of end-user feedback. I will contact you via email. Thanks.
Interesting suggestion about posting on IBM.COM. Somehow that seems TOO big, but there's probably another place to do that with a smaller readership.
I have followed the Office 12 design blog. And yes, they are doing some amazing things. I will be very interested to see if people actually like "the ribbon." Our aim at IBM is to have the user be the driving force that helps us make informed decisions about what we put in our products. Mary Beth has provided us great leadership to help us do that. And we really do believe that Users come First!

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