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That does sound a lot like me, although I'm afraid my skills are more limited. As I only develop websites in Lotus Domino, I don't need PHP, MySQL or JSP. I never use dreamweaver, but use a graphical tool like PaintShop pro to visualize for the customer what the website is going to look like (after a quick initial sketch with pencil & paper) and to quickly make changes to that. When we've agreed on the looks I develop the HTML in a text editor like Notepad++. Only then will I turn to the Domino Designer to implement the website and the logic behind it.Having a good feel for color schemes, user interfaces and knowing all the latest possibilities for web design are in my view the most important skills for a good web designer.

btw, I do love movies and sports too and I use Facebook quit a lot. Nice additions those ones :-)

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Hey, I couldnt find her at FB

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