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1 localhost commented Trackback

Excellent! :-)and because customers are never satisfied can we have....the moon on a stick pleae? ;-)

2 localhost commented Trackback

But does it attempt to spell check urls? ;)

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4 localhost commented Permalink

Can it be disabled?

I dug around in the lab and it appears that the inline spell check works only on rich text fields (I can understand that) but it appears that you cannot disable it on a form or field basis. Any chance that might get in prior to launch? I can think of several instances (I saw one in a demo of a server doc with a field the was being spell checked) where you would want to disable that. I know you can turn it off for the session, but when you reopen the document, it is activated again.

5 localhost commented Permalink

One thing that bugs me about this feature is that it does not re-check the text after you change the language setting of a selection. The red squigglies are all over the place untill you right-click each word and ask it to check again.

That said - love the fact that it's finally there!

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