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1 localhost commented Permalink

I like it. Most user's never go to 'All Documents' because they don't understand the difference between folders and views, nor do they understand how folders in Notes differ from folders in the file system. Hopefully the option to search 'All Mail' will help simplify things.

Will there still be an 'All Documents' view where I can search mail and calendar entries together?

2 localhost commented Permalink

I think the idea is great !

I was wondering if it would not be great to also have (after or before 'All Mail', 'All calendar',..) an additional entry 'current view' (knowing that 'view' is not a user-friendly enough word for most users..., so another word should be used).
One of the other limitation most users always find difficult, is searching in other applications... Any hope of having searches performed accross group of databases (not domain search) through this one?.

3 localhost commented Permalink

The top issue with search today is that it behaves differently from Google. So you are going in the right direction here, I think.With respect to different search engines, please add the ability for shortcuts to each engine. For example if I enter my search text and hit 'Enter', it searches whatever is selected in the drop down menu. If instead of enter I press CTRL-C, it searches contacts, CTRL-A all mail and so forth.Saving the time for changing from keyboard to mouse to select the engine after I typed my query makes work very efficient.

4 localhost commented Permalink

@MIchelle, yes we'll still have an all document view@Block F I think that one of the choices in the drop down will be "Current "

@Ingo. Special control character/shortcuts might be nice. We'll see.

5 localhost commented Permalink

...although hopefully not Ctrl+A and Ctrl+C, 'cos I think it's quite likely someone might want to select all the text they've put in the search box and copy it :o)

I think that search feature looks great - my only concern is how much of that functionality is going to be available if the mail file isn't full text indexed?

6 localhost commented Permalink


I'd like the option to 'search' my Mail and this will search my Mail database and any Mail archives as well, and present the results in a single view.

7 localhost commented Permalink

The suggested improvements to search look great. One of the biggest thing wrong with search in Notes currently that wasn't addressed in this blog post is the fact that full text indexing is OFF by default. Without FT indexing searching is SLOW, cumbersome, and much more limited.

The lack of a default FT index is a significant impediment to the usefulness of search for the vast majority of users. Please tell me this is being addressed! Your competition has already figured it out--please don't let this critical feature slide by the wayside...
"Exchange Server 2007 mailboxes are fully indexed by default, allowing users to quickly search for information from Outlook Web Access. Re-indexing is significantly faster than Exchange Server 2003, and search spans both content within the e-mail itself and data contained in attachments."

8 localhost commented Trackback

Wow. This looks like a really big improvement. Good work.

- to have the "search box" always available in all databases will really help that users will use full-text searches more often.- to use the web-search syntax will help also a lot- results on a new tab. Great.But will the user be able to "select" (check) several documents out of his search results ?In the current versions all the results are already "checked" and the view filter "Show selected only" is turned on.If the users "unchecks" a document it then "disappears". It would be better if the results would behave exactly like a normal view.

9 localhost commented Trackback

Will I be able to sort the search results (by author, by date, or by subject, to name but three ways that matter to me) without having to go through the "Advanced Search" dance?


10 localhost commented Permalink

Looks excellent!

I agree with Darryl, searching live mail and archive mail in one hit would be nice but the results should perhaps be grouped to show where the documents are stored.

11 localhost commented Permalink

I agree with some of the posts that you should be able to search local archives when selecting all mail. Would be a great feature.

12 localhost commented Permalink

Web type search syntax, results in a new tab and the recent searches will be useful enhancements to the Notes client. The search in Notes has always been a very powerful tool with many sophisticated options (but who knows this?).

The top issue with the Notes search is really the syntax of the search argument. The users hardly ever take into account that an 'AND' or 'OR' could be required for their search. They blame Notes for not being able to find the matching documents.
To have the results in a new tab is a useful improvement, as well. Sometimes I want to keep the results just for a session but need to work with other documents in the same database. Currently I have to clear the results and then have to search again. It will be quite helpful just to switch tabs.
It would be nice to have some options for the recent search entries:1. Auto-delete a recent search entry after a user-customizable number of days2. 'Never delete' option (for searches that are performed over and over again)
Another user behaviour I repeatedly encountered with the search is: After having created a document, users immediately search for it (to check if it can be found) and cannot find it. The full-text index requires an update prior to that, which they do not know (because they hardly know anything about full-text indexing). Maybe something can be implemented that the users do not run into this.
A general issue of the search is not highlighting the capabilites to an extent they deserve.There should be a focus on making the users more familiar with what Notes can do here. It is all there but they do not recognize what they can do with it. (For example, you can search for documents which have a specified value in a certain field or search only within a date range.)

13 localhost commented Permalink

Thank you everybody for your comments and suggestions. I've heard some great suggestions and will do my best to make sure your voices are heard.

I think most users feel that search should just work, and I'm hoping that we can provide the right tools to make it easier to retrieve your data.

14 localhost commented Permalink

I like it!

15 localhost commented Trackback

Hi Alex,

Being able to search current mail file and archives is something that would really help end users, it is a complaint I get all the time. To show which db the memo lives in is necessary and to be able to restore the archived memo back (like Trash) to the live db with the option to restore all threads as well would helpful.

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