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Great document. If I was working for a company that was thinking logically I would use it to show why we don't need to switch to Outlook and Exchange. Unfortunately that does not seem to be the case (thinking logically)

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Charles, isn't that the way Outlook works by default? It creates a local PST file and stores everything there, doesn't it?

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Sorry to repeat myself.... though this article highlights the below:

Mary Beth, in beta, I was a vocal one that felt that having "one-click" access to PIM tools was critical to a good Notes UI.
If you load Notes8 now, you have to use the OPEN drop-down to find Calendar, Contacts, ToDos, Journel, Etc. So what do people do, they jam the ugly bookmarks bar back on the left side of the screen.
This is becoming the new Notes UI: http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/blogs/resources/CompApps/BusinessMailNotes8s.jpg
It makes me sad that people are doing this. It's like you are purposely making it hard to get to the CORE of the product.
In the bottom left of that screenshot, you could add nice "chunky" icons for CALENDAR, TODO, ADDRBOOK, JOURNEL. And keep those icons consistent across those 5 templates. Then jumping between them becomes natural. And they don't get lost (out of sight out of mind)... and ugly workarounds like the above dont become the norm.

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Charles, I think Nathan is right. Outlook 2007 and maybe 2003 have "cached mode" as the default.

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Cached mode is made up by Microsoft to provide a number of things, incl. some that it does not. It is not the same as having a local PST file, but the two can operate together. Cached mode means that Outlook will - cache - information both when connected and off-line. When connected it means that you will not receive a new mail notification until the mail has actually arrived - locally, whether just in the cache or in the local PST file if one has been created. This is one thing that is just so superior to what Notes does today. Ever get annoyed over those new mail notifications only to realize that it is another 20 min. before the mail actually arrives...? Mary, could we please change how new mail notification works when using local replicas...!

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Great article on how to intro Outlook users to Lotus Notes Mary-Beth.

Now how about an article for Lotus Notes users to get used to the features that have been removed from Notes 8 (uh-hum, Standard – they’re STILL in the BASIC client!), like:
Ctrl+Tab to switch windows (come-on, Ctrl+Tab DOESN’T move you out of ANY rich text field, Lotus OR Microsoft Ctrl+M, Tab Tab Tab – you’re now in a rich-text field, where does Ctrl+Tab take you?)
Right-Click a tab to open in Designer
Drag ANY Workspace Bar Tab to the OPEN list OR "Docked" open list (aka bookmark bar) to create a bookmark
Right-Double click ANYWHERE on the screen to close a window
Actions Menu + Forward to send the currently opened web page in the Notes embedded browser to forward a web page as an email message
Why Escape no longer closes a web-page opened in the Notes browser, unless you click in the address tool-bar first
Why the "Internet Explorer Links" opens links in IE, rather than the embedded browser, even if Notes IS my default web-browser
Go Back and Forward buttons on the Navigation tool-bar – Why OH Why were these removed?
Why I have to VERY Carefully click to choose "Reply" (without ANY history - including attachments) to an email message (you have to hit the TINY drop-down arrow)
You can close the "Home Page" because...
Why I can't "Hide" all my open windows (tabs), even when hitting Ctrl+F5 (I miss the picture of my children too!)
Why I can't use the scroll-wheel on my mouse any more to move through my Calendar's Month view to see what I'm up to over the next few weeks
Why I can't just Click in my calendar any more to create a quick calendar entry
Why I can "Categorize" my calendar entries, but I no longer have a view that displays them by category,
Why I can't select documents from multiple folders any more
Why I can't select multiple documents and then open something else without losing my selections
Why I can't just ctrl-Home or ctrl-end to move to the top or bottom of the current mail-calendar-todo view and then press [Enter] to open the latest entry (I have to use the up or down arrow first depending on where I am to move the selection focus to the required document)
PLEASE, OH PLEASE!!! Don't apply the same Wisdl to the Journal database that is in mail, calendar and to-do, I Forward Multiple documents from my Journal all the time, and I really HATE HATE HATE (get the idea!!) the STUPID Ctrl+Shift+Wiggle+EARS+BLOW+NOSE+CLICK option that is my ONLY choice in Notes 8 Standard PIM apps.
And while we’re on it, it wasn’t really that hard in notes 5, 6 or 7 to get a preview pane on the “right”
Now if we could get @SetTargetFrame to work properly then we could do some REALLY nice stuff in a Domino Application.
I’m sure I’ve missed a few, but teaching Notes for over 12 years, this is the stuff that blew Outlook users away time and again, and normally was all I needed to demo to show them that Notes IS BETTER than Outlook.
Notes 7 still rules, so does Notes 8 basic – why Notes 8 Standard doesn’t is up to you guys, but the short list above should give you some clues.

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Looks very interesting.

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Awesome tips in that article.

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