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I'd say make it Mac like as much as possible.. You want the Mac people to feel pretty much "at home"... Turtle has a good point about the function keys....

Also keep in mind that various keyboards are different... Laptops have less keys then the desktop keyboard.. and there's no "Break" key to do a CTRL-Break... etc...

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I'd say don't care about OS themes, because Linux can have any look, you just choose a theme and/or UI that fits your mood today.

Make Notes have it's own unique style, something yellow bleeding with claws would be in trend. I love my yellow coffee cup which says in the good old black box in white letters: Lotus. It's like a race car of my dreams! One day I will buy also a yellow Lotus Esprit sports car and paint the black and white Lotus box on each side of it.

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"we are toying with the idea of reducing the number of toolbar buttons in the toolbars,"

Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes.
Actually, I would dearly love to have a much easier way to turn them off altogether, too. Right now, when I right-click, I have to disable each toolbar set, then I have to go to preferences and disable the context sensitive ones. What I want is a "do not show the toolbar unless the sun goes nova" option.
But being able to use the Mac-ish toolbar on a Windows machine would be good, too.

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more mac ish.

also make Apple + N be new memo in my inbox view, new contact in my contact view and new meeting in my calendar.
see how pages, numbers and keynote does it. also offer a drag and drop to customize the toolbox.
apple + z doesn't work half the time.
also it nowhere states that apple + m is a new memo in the menu bars.
but new url is apple + L - how many time do people use that?
i also want as many windows with diffrent views. so i can see on half my screen my inbox and in another window another mailbox, calendar, whatever..... to drag and drop or make quick entries be it mail, meetings etc...
tabs are so 1990's
also just render html. don't ask me a million question about cross certification.
also when i drag objects out of lotus give me the object.
in mail, txt, in calendar ical files, in contacts vcards.
and when i drag into lotus the same.
also i need to be able to export stuff to csv not tabbed or structured text.
i am going to stop now.

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It is critically important to make the OS X Notes client look and feel at home on this platform by reducing the interface redundancy as you point out. If you follow the precedents already set for common mac applications you can't really go wrong.

Key ingredient here is the ability to let the user decide what tool bar items they want and which they don't.
Another cool feature would be something like user defined layouts, so you could make Notes look different for different tasks. This is a long tradition in very successful Mac apps like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.
How about some things that would be totally Mac like a Dashboard widget that emulated what could be done with Notes Buddy.

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I would love the Mac OS X client to be very Mac-like. I would love it to leverage Mac APIs, CoreAnimation, and so on. I realize that, being Eclipse based and cross platform, full integration with the OS is unlikely. The more Mac-like Notes is, the more excited the Mac community will be about running Notes (and dare I say loving Notes).

My limited use of the 8.5 beta so far has been positive, but I know the UI on the separate Sametime client was not particularly Mac like.
To summarize- the more Mac like, the better.

7 localhost commented Trackback

Back to basics on this one, and a pledge from a Lotusphere from a long long time ago.

'Best of breed client for each platform'.
So yeah. Lets get the MacHeads on board on this one and make it *really* good on this platform...
---* Bill

8 localhost commented Permalink

I think that making the UI adopt most of the familiar qualities of the overall Mac environment would be a very welcome change for most Mac Notes users. I think that objects such as folders, buttons, search bars, etc. should maintain the same look and feel that's found throughout Mac OS X. For example, perhaps views could adopt the "smart folder" icon as Notes views are essentially smart folders. It might be nice to go as far as to offer mac users a new feature that would allow us to build personal views in the same manner used to build smart mailboxes in Mail.app. I think that rounded search fields are a must.

Toolbars aren't such a big deal to me and the Notes 8 UI has done an excellent job of streamlining the interface in that regard already.
The main problem you have here is that there is only so much makeup you can apply to it in order to try and match the Mac look and feel. Unfortunately, makeup isn't what makes the Mac experience. It's the functionality and the way that the UI elements and effects lend to that functionality. If this were a true Mac application and not a port, you could easily leverage Core Animation to give the notes client more useful UI texture and functional feedback.
For example, how great would it be for us to have the ability to create a new calendar entry simply by double-clicking on a day in the mini calendar in our side bar and have a small event form spring open instead of having to open a full-sized calendar event form that removes us from the Mail UI? We could do the same with To-Do items. Imagine clicking on one of your flagged messages in your follow up mini-view and seeing your mail view begin to rapidly scroll to the selected message in an iPhone fashion, with elasticity and all. That's all Core Animation.
Furthermore, it should be possible to write a hook into the Mac's Spotlight services that let's spotlight query and index our notes databases stored locally. Then our Notes mail would be available to us in spotlight search results. This shouldn't be too hard to do given that Google has the same sort of hooks built for it's desktop search. I imagine that the plugin would simply have to query the notes views and grab the records using some sort of XML translation and place them into a relational database that Spotlight could then leverage.
Then again, if this were a native Mac application, this would probably be quite easy to do.

9 localhost commented Trackback

Defiantly more Mac like. Do this: get Office 2004 for Mac and do the exact opposite!

10 localhost commented Permalink

Some more ideas:

Sort out the dreadful looking Lotus Notes -> Preferences screen. Make it like System preferences. It is currently very hard to navigate.
I'd like to be able to drag tabs off Notes onto the desktop so that the tab becomes a separate window. This would mean that I can have my calendar in my secondary monitor with mail in my primary monitor. Many mac users have two monitors.

11 localhost commented Permalink

I am not a Mac user, but I understand the desire by Mac users to have the Notes Client behave more like a native Mac application.

However from the perspective of a Notes developer, one of the key benefits of developing in the Notes IDE is that you minimize the need to consider different client platforms (with the exception of web browsers, sigh!!!), and also minimize additional development costs (other than testing) for different Notes client platforms. [Now developing documentation is another matter].
So whatever changes that you are exploring to make to the Notes Client to make it more Mac like, should be implemented in such a way that retains the current benefits of isolating the developer as much as possible from the differences between the different Notes client platforms.
Also, many people use Windows in the office and Macs at home, so maintaining consistency between the two environments also has some advantages.
Perhaps you could consider skinning the Notes Client, to allow end users to dynamically switch between different user interface paradigms as their require.

12 localhost commented Trackback

Mika said:

"Make Notes have it's own unique style, something yellow bleeding with claws would be in trend."
OK, ignore Mika. Please (in fairness he's joking here. Right? RIGHT??)
For me, Mac == simplicity, so go with the advice proffered already. But if you could put in a word for getting some keyboard shortcuts in, that would certainly be appreciated :)

13 localhost commented Trackback

Firefox is in the same situation as the Notes Client. It is also a cross-platform client. Firefox can look like a Mac application on a Mac, but users can also choose a different theme for it. Notes could use the Firefox theme packs directly, or at least have an importer which allows people to import existing Firefox skins to Notes. Users who use Notes and Firefox (should be the majority) would be happy to have the same, or at a least similar UI on both clients.

14 localhost commented Trackback

Oh, and as of Tuesday, the new MacBook Pros *change* the F-key layout.

15 localhost commented Permalink

Of course it should be totally Mac-like. Please no slow Java stuff, but a true Cocoa app using Apple native frameworks such as CoreData, CoreAnimation and stuff.

Stable, flashy, speedy, elegant, lightweight: That's how a Mac app should be like. Can IBM deliver that? Would be the 1st time in long.

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