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1 localhost commented Permalink

I truly love Notes, and sometimes I truly hate Notes too... In the up-to-and-including v7, I have a problem with the "Execution" part regarding the menu-system. I have been using Notes for many years, but are STILL struggling to find "Options/Settings/Preferences". Sometimes they can be found on the File-menu, sometimes on the Tools-menu and somtimes as buttons on the forms themselves. It's confusing, even to a geek like myself.

What has always delighted me since the switch from Oulook/Exchange, is the full-text index and search. When I search for something, it is found in the blink of an eye.
I just installed the Notes 8 Beta 1, and must say I like what I see so far. The addition of "Feeds" is right on.
What I miss is the ability to publish and subscribe to CALENDAR data (through a standard format like iCal). I would love to be able to import my Google Calendar data, and also to publish selected calendar events (by category?) to share with a workgroup, or project team and close family. I only have one life, so it would be nice to be able to integrate (and toggle on/off the display of) the calendars I select to subscribe to. Maybe something for the "Innovation" part of the experience? (iCal '06 for the Mac does this beautifully, btw.)

2 localhost commented Permalink

You can import iCal data.

More | Manage Imported Calendars

3 localhost commented Permalink

Thanks David - I'll look into the Import option. However, an automated import by subscription will be way cooler. Also, when I re-import then next week, will it overwrite or give me duplicates? I'll just have to try, I guess...

Thanks again!

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