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1 localhost commented Permalink

Keep it in the mail file...how about Contacts as well :-) Give the user the option.

I like Figure 2, but with the ability to drag and drop this to any other place in my mail account (folder)

2 localhost commented Trackback

I like the idea of having a feed reader in Notes however, I wouldn't want it in my mail file. At work I use Outlook 2007 and it has RSS feeds in it and frankly I stopped using it because it would frequently take me out of my inbox context. In Notes having a new tab open with my RSS feeds would be the way I would prefer seeing this work.

Additionally I would hope that Administrators could hide RSS stuff via policies.

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Mary Beth,

The images appear to be broken.

4 localhost commented Permalink

Mary Beth,

Glad to see this design change - the sidebar-based Feed Reader is really difficult to use. I'd like to see that the Feed Reader is implemented as an application just like Mail. This way I can keep both Mail & Feed Reader opened in different tabs. Also personally I don't like to mix Feeds & Mail data.
Ying Le

5 localhost commented Permalink

Keep the RSS Reader as a separate application - but build in views to allow it to be accessed from the sidebar. The mail template is becoming quite sizable.

6 localhost commented Trackback

Writing late at night with a mild fever, and I see that I'm unclear in my use of "this" in the opening paragraphs...

A) Putting anything else in the mail file == HORRIFIC IDEA.
B) Having multiple NSFs per user in different folder structures on the home server == excellent idea.
C) Building a composite front-end to all those different files so they work together seamlessly == KILLER APP.
A is such a horrible idea that I'll be calling Tony Oliver's office about job openings. And I know I'm not alone.

7 localhost commented Trackback

Dear IBM, Please make sure to spread the data & config info that makes up the user experience across as many places as possible. We must keep names.nsf, bookmarks.nsf, journal.nsf, notes.ini, and various other nsf and xml files. That way it keeps it very hard to make sure that we can easily back up & restore the user's setup.

Mr. Freeman's argument seems to stem from an agenda. If it all "can be replicated up to the server" then it makes no difference if it's in many databases or one. It can be argued that it would take less space and reduce complexity to reduce the number of dbs to keep track of. The "multi-nsf app. agenda" may well be useful, but it's not appropriate here.
Keep simplifying. Move contacts & journal into mail, too.
My opinion, YMMV.

8 localhost commented Permalink

I agree with Nathan and Michelle O'Rorke (and others)... I like the feeds as the second picture shows, as their own category/header. And I totally agree that the content should be stored in a separate database.

9 localhost commented Trackback

yep .. exactly what Nathan said. The last thing we need is more info in the mail file. People beg you to put contact info in there (bad idea) .. and then this? The mail file is too big. too big means bad performance. it means mail quota fewphie (yes, i made that word up. i am reacting to bad to this that i needed a new word).

now, if you are just talking about putting the feed into into the mail view, and still storing it seperately, I can see that as an options .. as long as I can turn it off. But that means that the java view/navigator functionality would be able to do a join. that has potential.
Rob - MBR has always had issues with the blog in reference to pictures and files. Hopefully something can be done to solve that ;)

10 localhost commented Trackback

I must admit that first I thought it would be nice to have feeds in the mail app. That's because I would have one single point of view for all news.

But after giving that more thought, I second Nathan and the others: keep it seperated. You could do a nice composite app so that users can look at mail and feeds in parallel "frames", but that should be optional.
Personally I got more than enough mail a day and I don't need anything which fills my mailfile even more.
But I do would like to have the feed reader as a seperate application which I can view in fullscreen, so that I have more space on the screen to view all those feed headlines.
And there is another thing in which I support Nathan: learn how to deal with multi NSF applications. We business partners always fight with limitations IBM developers build into Notes which prevent nice usage of multi NSFs applications, for example the insane problem that for embedded views I only can hardcode the view URLs, and there is no way to dynamically compute then. If your devs would create multi NSF apps, they would find and solve these kind of problems.

11 localhost commented Trackback

Mary Beth, there was a problem with images. Tag image point to url that seems to be unavailable. Take a look at html source code image tag, if you change "https://ltsgwascl006.sby.ibm.com" with "http://www.ibm.com" you can view the images.

I read your idea and comments and like Nathan i think that is a bad idea putting rss feed reader in mail application. Like Peter i consider Notes 8 sidebar feed reader too basic and personally i use FeedReader.
I prefer separate NSF application or improving notes feed reader with some functionality to render it a real feed reader client.

12 localhost commented Trackback

I'm also in favor of keeping it separate.Nathan makes a very good point about this, and addressing the roaming user issues he mentioned would be great too.

13 localhost commented Permalink

I would also prefer it not be be in the Mail database... I currently use Google as a news reader and do not expect to switch to the Notes implementation any time soon!

I agree with Nathan wholeheartedly :o)

14 localhost commented Permalink

I liked figure 2 and keep the files separated to avoid issues with mail quota.

15 localhost commented Permalink

The images shold be fixed now. Sorry about hat-- I forgot to ll MArgo sh had to edit th img tag.

And I find it muing that you-all keep tllin ME wht you want, MARGO owns his issue :)

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