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Thanks Mary Beth! It was a lot of fun interviewing the both of you (and meeting you in person). We've already had an offer from someone to transcribe the interview for us, so with any luck we'll have the full text of the podcast available soon too.

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Here is the link to the transcription of the podcast that Joe Litton did:

Thanks again Mary Beth for taking the time out of your busy day for the podcast.

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On an unrelated note, could some updates be made to the Person Doc UI in the Domino Directory? More fields and make the layout more like IBM Blue Pages (that was a cool thing to have when I was an IBM Contractor). I want a predefined field for photos instead of having to make my own. I want to see the management tree for 2 or 3 levels. I want to see the person's subordinates if any. Make an account info tab for server info, file name, usernames, short names, policies, password related info, etc. Put a photo, address, email address, phone, dept, and manager on the first page. This would encourage users to use the Domino Directory more. Many companies that I have worked at create separate Notes Dbs for the company "phonebook". Mostly because people don't want to dig beyond the first tab, I think. I would hope others out there would agree with my thoughts about the Domino Directory. Maybe someone has a better layout.

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I have a question and a wish:
- Is it possible to consider to have "quickChat" / IM buildt into ND 8 / Hannover.
IM and awareness are very essential functions today, and having those functions right from the box makes it more of a complete product. SameTime is so much more, for they who need a more complex communicationplatform.
Thanx for good and innovative software,
Very best regards,
from Tony.(tony.bugge@usit.uio.n)

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