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If anyone can see things through the eyes of others, you can! that's what makes you such a good designer.

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Mary Beth:

Thanks a lot for your blog. I've become a regular peruser of your blog, and this entry helps us see (outside of LotusSphere) that Lotus folks are human and "let their hair down".
I have run into an issue with the UI, and after going through Lotus support, I figured I'd go for the jugular and post this to you.
We use the Domino Web Access 7 mail template, and I had a user call and say that he would reply to a mail message, then it would 'disappear'. I looked over the client but could not find anything (obviously) wrong. He demonstrated it to me several times, butI could not reproduce it on my own workstation, even with his mail file.
I called Lotus support and was told that this was a documented UI issue since ND6 with a technote assigned as follows:
Title: Messages disappear from inbox after replying or forwardingDoc #: 1197451
In a nutshell, when the user selects to sort by reply / forward then replies or forwards a message, the message goes to the top of the sort stack, but if the user has a lot of messages in the Inbox then the message will disappear from the viewable messages.
Since there is no label on the sort caret and a filled - in caret is not that perceptible, is it feasible for the (selected) sort caret be filled in as well as a gold / red / distinguishing color halo placed around it when selected? This would make it a bit easier to detect.
Many thanks,
-KevinKevinCSUSO at yahoo dot com

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I'm glad to hear about end-user experience interest in IBM.I've submitted a few improvement requests in the past via the PMR channel and they've all been closed with a "SPR request created" status, so I don't know what they have become.
I would be most glad to send to you a short summary of my requests, if you agree.
As this is a bit off topic here, I would prefer to send you an email. If you agree could you contact me at pierre.decrocq@atosorigin.com ?
Then, you might see things a bit through my eyes !

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Can I just say thanks for you and your colleages making me feel so welcome at DNUG ? It was a blast...

---* Bill "Squeak Squeak" Buchan...

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