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1 localhost commented Trackback

I would go with a slightly lighter gray on nonfocussed frameflips and same shape as the focussed flips:http://www.siipi.com/public/nd8.nsf/n85frameflips.png

2 localhost commented Permalink

Yes, I noticed them because I was explicitely looking for them. I've no particular comment or complaint regarding the preview pane because you're probably going to have it open or closed the entire session and probably you'll "set it and forget it" for the most part. But as for the side bar, my laptop screen is not large enough to keep it open so I need to open and close it frequently. Thus, I do find it fairly irritating for two reasons: (A) the small size of it, requiring more precise mousepointing compare to other controls and (B) no keyboard option to open/close it. "A" won't really matter to me if there is a keyboard option available.


3 localhost commented Trackback

Ummm... it seems apparently that YOU think that the answer is THREE ARROWS! :-)

I would point out that lots of platforms use three embedded dots as a visual cue for this kind of resize control. So you have a good precedent.
What would be really cool, but probably too expensive in terms of rendering, would be to make that part of the border swell in a graceful arc that would contain a larger button than can fit on the border. If you look at most live interfaces, the loss of pixel space on the frame behind would probably be trivial.
So like...
| |(>) | |
That swollen part would need to be on a z-index above the underlying panes.

4 localhost commented Trackback

Drat.... I should have known that the blog software would trim my ASCII art. So picture all those pipes shifted one space to the right.

5 localhost commented Trackback

Personally I think the third option is the most visible.

However, I'd also have to point out that with no training I've picked up on the fact the snap controls are there and I use them often. Perhaps the usability team picked the wrong group of guinea pigs ;o)

6 localhost commented Permalink

Grey arrows looks MUCH nicer than three arrows !


7 localhost commented Permalink

I had no problem finding the snap controls as they are now. It's VERY helpful that they "glow" orange when the mouse hovers over them. Having the area around the arrow a darker color would help new users, I think.

There are only two snap control situations that I myself find problematic:
1. When the Preview Pane is viewed on the side, and both it and the Sidebar are collapsed, the snap controls are close together and a little difficult to differentiate.
2. In the Mail7 template, the MiniView (i.e. To Do, Follow Up, New Notices) was collapsible. This is not true with the Mail8 template, and I'd like to see a snap control added to it.

8 localhost commented Permalink

One way is to change the arrows. But what about changing the background-color. When you hover the snap control it changes to an orange background-color. That is very good to see. Keep that from the start on and change it when hovering to another color.

9 localhost commented Permalink

I'd prefer it if clicking or double-clicking anywhere on the bar performed the resize, the problem with the current method is that it is quite a small target area.

Also I'd prefer the collapse to really collapse the sidebar rather than to the intermediate state on the basis that if I'm trying to free up space by collapsing a panel I want as much space as possible, but maybe that's just me.

10 localhost commented Trackback

Your "swelling" idea is swell, Nathan :)It's something we want to consider-- we won't be able to fit that into 801, so you still might see a change to the arrow/snap control in 801-- something really simply like changing color, and then we might make further changes after that.

11 localhost commented Permalink

Hi Mary, my first post on your excellent blog.

For me, I think option 3 (grey background) is the most noticeable, however I really don't like it!! Much prefer option 1, the darker arrow.

12 localhost commented Trackback

I see no pictures, just the Red X indicating they are missing.

13 localhost commented Permalink

oh, and Charles, did you name your fish "Cliff" because it's a bottom-feeder, or because the have armor that protects them from all but the fiercest aggressors? :)

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