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True. And CTRL-Shift-L is also your new friend, because it lists all the keyboard shortcuts for us to see.

But we lost CTRL-Tab, which rotated through the various open Notes tabs the same way ALT-Tab does for Windows. This new technique requires you to move your right hand to the F8 key and them move it back to the arrow keys or the mouse before you can get to the tab you want.
On the one hand, it's nice to be able to choose the specific entry you want from the list. On the other hand, it's MUCH faster to CTRL-Tab through them all until you find the one you want (though I suppose if one had 30 tabs open, that wouldn't be true).

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I also like CTRL-Shift-T. Kinda cryptic but very useful if you have LOTS of windows open.I shows all open tabs as thumbnails, and features a quicksearch mechanism, that does a substring search over the window titles. Very efficient if you know your window titles.

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Nice ! and good working

Just a simple quetsion : why not have set it on the CTRL-Tab than most users know?? (it is also quite difficult to press CTR-F8 with a signle hand (keeping the other on the mouse i.e.)

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One little limitation with Ctrl-F8: If you select the Web Browser (embedded IE) and click on a page, the focus is out of Eclipse - pressing Ctrl-F8 again won't show up the menue again.

It would be also be nice to have a stable working Ctrl-F inside a browser page again ...
A Microsoft topic?

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I am a keyboard person so I like shortcuts although as mentioned before it's not as easy with F8. What I have to get used is the fact that the Alt+number shortcuts to switch to a specific tab are gone. But the Window menu came back (similar to R5 or even before that when only 9 tabs were possible). So Alt+W still works.And I am glad that Alt+B still works for the bookmarks, docked or un-docked.

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