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1 localhost commented Permalink

Please make 'reply without attachment' the default. I cannot tell you how often I see people sending the same attachment file back and forth in an email thread. I try to educate the users, but they often run from habit.

BTW - thank you for taking the time to listen to the user community. This can only make the product stronger. I think that Notes has a great user community - which is part of it's strength.

2 localhost commented Permalink

Hello !

I think that setting "replay without attachement" as default is a very good idea, because I often see that users send big attachements there and back only to add few words in their mails (without any attachement change).I also sometimes send attachement back, because I don't always remember to use "without attachement" option.
I think, that usualy there is no reason to send attachement back - just because the sender HAVE this attachement, which she or he sent.
Kind regards from Poland

3 localhost commented Trackback

I've never understood that default action. I don't know anyone who wants to send an attachment back to the sender.So please change it to "reply without attachment", or at least provide a way to configure the default (for Notes and Web). I always have to change the template to get the right behaviour on "reply".

4 localhost commented Permalink

Please make reply without attachment the default behaviour.

5 localhost commented Trackback

Another thought on this idea of "Without Attachments" what about an option when Replying/Sending/Forwarding, an option to remove attachments from any copy you save in your mail file??

6 localhost commented Permalink

Sounds the like the problem is the fact that documentation doesn't get updated for maintenance releases.

If the product is changing, like 8.0.l is doing in a significant way, then the documentation should be getting updated.
With that said, if the documention updates, then the change isn't really a issue.

7 localhost commented Permalink

I think changing the default to remove attachments is a great idea!

I like Gmail's approach. Instead of two options (Reply and Reply with Attachments), you have to click a link that says "Include original attachments" if you reply to a message that had attachments. And the only time I have ever clicked it was when I added someone to the CC list on a reply.

8 localhost commented Trackback

I think the change should be made, but in a way as to make the current behaviour the default if Jeff E is worried. That is, make the menu options interchangeable (reply with attachments <-> reply without) via a user preference. This could be enforceable via policy, and allow the status quo within the corporation without rubbing people up the wrong way.

I like others here have a policy of reply without by default, and I changed the mail to match and would see policy as a way of making that work on a site by site basis.

9 localhost commented Trackback

I know I already spec'd this for you, but...

1) Configurable via policy2) Settable as a user preference3) All else being equal, keep the same behavior.
An administrator should have to set the default policy to Reply w/o Attachments. Whatever rule is set for that behavior should also apply to Reply to All. However, FORWARD should not be related to this setting.
There are a number of scenarios where I might want more subtle changes that I need to do via a policy.
For instance, if I am an all-N/D 8 environment, including my edge servers, then I would like to make the default reply behavior be WITHOUT HISTORY OR ATTACHMENTS.
Why? Because I have threading. Why do I need message history when I have threading? It's a legacy vector, and I should discourage it for my users.
If neither a user nor an administrator makes a change, then don't alter the behavior one bit. Just show the admin a mail policy that says "set default reply button behavior" and offers the whole gambit of today's options. Then they can flag whether they want to allow overrides.
And power users without competent admins can set their personal preference to strip attachments.

10 localhost commented Trackback

Absolutely! That's one of our template mods. I've always missed the logic there: If the person SENT you the attachment, why on earth would you send it back to him unaltered? Unless it's a plot to sell storage... 8-)

11 localhost commented Permalink

This has also been one of our template mods. I can't understand how this has perpetuated for so long. Please remember that this behavior should be changed for BOTH Notes client access to mail as well as DWA.

If there is going to be a major change to 8.0.1 that requires additional documentation (Traveler?) I'd love to see it in that release. But regardless, if an admin missed reading about this change, I don't think he (or his users) would be upset.

12 localhost commented Trackback

A few years ago the IT department at the company I was at had the same debate internally... after much discussion, we decided to swap the buttons in our mail template from "Reply With History" / "Reply Without Attachments" to "Reply With History" / "Reply With Attachments". The users didn't even notice, because the ones who weren't already selecting "Reply Without" to begin with were the ones who don't pay attention to logical inconsistencies like sending back the same file to the same person who just sent it to them. But the few who had legitimate reasons to do so (i.e. editing the file inline) tended to be the ones who were conscientious about data duplication to begin with. Our storage creep dropped dramatically and we had no reports of end user confusion over the swap.

13 localhost commented Trackback

Please change it.

If you can make it a policy so that admins can change it back, as a policy, that's ideal, but I think the default should be to change it, even for pre-existing installations.
You know what... scratch that, I was being whimpy. I can't think of a good enough reason to spend the time enabling admins to turn on a "reply with attachments by default" switch. If I ran the zoo, you'd be worrying about other things. I say change it, put it in the release notes, call it good, move on. Few will be inconvenienced. Everyone will understand. Any special cases are strange enough that they can just modify the template if they want the old behavior back.

14 localhost commented Permalink

I would also prefer to reply without attachments. Users don't think or care about the implications of a reply (to all) with attachments.

15 localhost commented Trackback

Reply without attachments should definitely be the default, since (as have been said earlier) the sender already have the attachment, so including it in a reply is nothing less than idiotic. It should have been changed very very long ago. Please make this change in 8.0.1.

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