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Maybe the debug LotuScript icon can just show up if the Notes client detects Designer installed? That might eliminate it for the users who are not developers.

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Having the "Debug lotusscript" available even if the designer is not installed is usefull for those rare cases where a error or bug only occurs for one or a few users - and the developer is having problem with recreating the bug/error. Have it easily available in the designer, and hide it wherever you want as long as I can find it in the client. :)

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Please include the international settings

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Could it be possible to include Outlook users to get their requirements for the design of the Hannover UI?

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I can't think of a better way to contact you so apologies for posting this comment in what is maybe the "wrong place". Would it be possible for the Hannover team to look at the whole issue of users with multiple screens. While not common for those using multiple screens to improve their productivity we find the present Notes client a little lacking in functionality to support this. Some examples: If running notes in secondary screen meeting reminders appear in the primary screen. Again when working on a secondary screen clicking the quick pick in-tray doesn't always place the contents in the screen you are working on. The ability to have one screen for the client/database you are looking at, and the second for the open document would be excellent (Outlook does give that functionality). The present integrated sametime client also gets mixed up between screens in multi-screen working. I can see the propotion of multi-screen users growing over the next 3-5 years which is your key time in Market before future releases. Thanks, Stu

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Please do not make it impossible to get to the Debug Lotusscript button from the Notes client. I use that frequently when troubleshooting user problems. I agree it shouldn't be on the Universal toolbar, but please make sure it's not so hidden I can't walk a user through turning it on easily.

7 localhost commented Trackback

I'm posting here because I can't find a better place to put my post......it seems in line with the "Back to discussing the UI from the top down" topic. This blog is difficult to navigate and use (ironic)!

I've been using Notes for about 13 years (since R3.0 days) and I run a certificatin business based on Notes/Dominno. I think the product is fantastic. i.e. it is richly functional and can solve many business problems. However I'm glad that IBM has finally got the message that Notes needs to have a major UI revamp. People love to hate Notes for this reason and IMHO with just cause.
I haven't read all the blog entries but it seems to me that Notes fails to meet expectations because it doesn't 'behave' like most other software that people are familiar with. This is not just MS Office and Outlook, although these are most often compared. I have to give it to Microsoft....the one thing that they understand is that UI is king. If you get the UI right, everything else falls into place.
So here's my A-Z of UI gripes about Notes?
a) Why is it that I don't get spell checking suggestions when I right mouse click a word? There's a spell checker built into Notes so please make it useful!!b) Why can't I select an entire row or column in a table by mousing over the top column/side of the row?c) Why isn't full text indexing more obvious to users? It is a killer feature for Notes. Outlook is notoriously bad at searching through email. But I would suggest that less than 1% of users know FTI even exists and how to use itd) Why can't I add a table of contents to a Notes doc and show page numbers?e) Why isn't there a WYSIWYG preview mode to see how a doc will print? I know there's a print preview but it should be a 'mode' of viewing where you can also edit.f) Why doesn't Notes look "sexy" with 3D shading and other modern UI features?g) What the &*&*& is a "Replicator" page and why would I use it (said the end user)? I just want my new mail.h) Why doesn't Notes detect when I'm network connected/non network connected and offer to set my client up accordingly? i.e. switch locations and settingsi) Why doesn't Notes "learn" about people I correspond with and offer to add them to my personal address book? Instead I have to traverse some ridiculous menu path to add them.j) Why doesn't the editing toolbar sit below the Subject line when I'm writing an email? i.e. so it is close by and obviousk) Why doesn't Notes support multiple levels of undo and redo?l) Why can't I easily use my Notes client as a Notes mail client and a POP3/IMAP client? Have you ever tried to setup Notes to be used as a POP3 client? It is EXTREMELY difficult and clunky and flaky (but I still do it because I know how)? Why can't I use my work Notes client to do work mail and personal mail (if my organisation allows that)?m) Why isn't there a colour picker on the editing toolbar for text colour and background colour? The lack of this is especially annoying when editing table background colours.n) Why don't more of the toolbar items have pull downs on them to access different settings? e.g. Different types of bullets and numbering, colour pickero) Why doesn't a hyperlink automatically become active when I type it into the UI?p) Why is it so hard to address an email. Why do I need a modal dialog box to search my contacts/server directory? Please give me a non-modal window to the left of the email to search and selectq) Why isn't there an OPTIONAL 'tip of the day' feature to teach users about how to use their client better and use its features? Maybe use the status bar.......and give them something akin to RSS feeds.r) Why can't I add an RSS feed to my client status bar (or somewhere else)?s) Why does just about every client which allows you to edit text have the menu options “File, Edit, View, Insert, Format” but Notes doesn't? I'm afraid MS won the war on that one. Get over it!! It is what people expect to see and it makes the feel comfortable. Make Notes the same.t) Why can't I have emoticons available in my Notes client. I know this is corporate mail, but lighten up. At least make them available and let my administrators switch them off if corporate policy doesn't allow them.u) Why can't I easily export a Notes doc to PDF format? i.e. a toolbar item similar to OpenOfficev) Why can't I bulk export my email to Word/PDF/other format?w) Why isn't there a zoom in/out option when reading a Notes document? (similar to PDF or Word Proc)x) Why isn't it easier to send a link to a Notes document to someone else? i.e. Right mouse button, 'Send email with link'. Instead I have to 'Copy as Document link', create new email and paste it in. I know there is a menu option to 'Create Special Link Message' but I've never seen an end user use it. They have no idea it is there or what it does.y) Why don't I see an unaccepted calendar entry in my calendar? Surely it should show as a potential booking (different colour or something). The iNotes 6.5x UI does this (albeit badly), but amazingly the Notes 6.5x client UI doesn't!!! (I must confess I haven't checked to see if ND7 addresses this but I don't recall seeing it)z) Why is it so hard to book a room or projector? Please improve the whole calendar UI by 200% to make it truly easy to use!
The list goes on......all you need to do is open Outlook , Open Office, Word, Acrobat, and Thunderbird and compare what you get. Notes falls well short of the mark.
I know some of these are being addressed in Hannover but overall, I'm begging IBM to stop focusing on the minutiae of menu options and worry more about matching UI features and attributes of competitors products so that Notes 'looks and feels' like a modern application. Changing things like menu options without addressing these other major issues is only going to confuse users more. It will also disappoint and underwhelm the large Notes/Domino community who are pinning their hopes on Hannover being able to deflect the 'migration to exchange' threats that they continually have to fend off.
That's my two bits worth!! I really hope to see these and other issues addressed in Hannover.

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