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RSS happens to be a talk of the town these days.Its a simplest way to be informed with the favourite events/news/updates on news,tech,shopping etc.Good article for the folks using Lotus notes.You might also want to check the GoogleReader,RSSBus,Syndic8,feedBurner etc to manage your feeds most effectively.

Checkout the RSS feeds on popular IBM WebSphere forums and videos,webcasts,demos,InfoCenter and much more on the site.

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Hi Mary Beth,

I agree with the post above. The term Notes Accounts is the part that is already misleading. Our ID IS the Lotus Notes account. These other accounts are all external accounts.
Other than that, I love the dialog/wizard in general. Overall, it's a nice improvement.

3 localhost commented Permalink

I also agree with the above comments. The term "Notes Access Accounts" makes it sound like you are creating an account to be used to access Notes. maybe something like "Feed Access Account" would be more appropriate.

Other than that, the dialogs are fine. Although, perhaps a label on the text box under "Create a new Notes Access Account" would be useful. A user may not know what is expected to be entered in this field.

4 localhost commented Permalink

I agree with the above, something like "Other accounts", or "External accounts" sounds more appropriate.


5 localhost commented Permalink

Richard hits the nail sqaurely on the head!

6 localhost commented Permalink

My thoughts:

1. "External Account" or even better "Website Account" because these things best describe the target for which we're creating an account.
2. Rather than just greying out the gumpf, use better progressive disclosure. That is, show the feed url and: i) show a simple checkbox "requires authentication" (allows the user to go down that path if they know about this) ii) show all the auth info selectors/fields if they clicked Next and "this feed requires authentication" OR if the user checked the "requires authentication" box.
3. Instead of "Server", isn't it the "Login URL"?
In an IBM Domino environment, for feeds that are on a Domino server (or even Portal) it would be nice to have SSO from notes where the notes client gets the authentication token (ltpatoken cookie) from the home/domino server. Sametime 7.5.1 and 8 does this.

7 localhost commented Permalink

Where has my post gone? I had post number 2 and it's disappeared.

8 localhost commented Permalink

By the way.... I cannot add Quickr's RSS to Lotus Notes 8... do you if this is possible?

Thank you!!

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Great article. Thanks

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