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1 localhost commented Permalink

Unrelated to the above - I apologize.

I have posted before about the lack of one-click access to key PIM tools.
Well, 16 out of my 20 beta testers have added the mini quicklaunch bar to the left side of their screen. And I see on most blog screenshots the same:
From today: http://host.notesboy.com/Notesboy.nsf/dx/help.htm/content/M2?OpenElement
Since the quicklaunch sidebar was an option, but not your design intent - does it's over use indicate a design flaw?
= Please consider adding icons for mail\contacts\calendar\journal within each of those 4 templates. Make it easy (like outlook) to jump between the CORE of the product.
Sorry - it's my pet peeve.

2 localhost commented Permalink

MBR, Many thanks. You are correct, change is hard - and my 20 pilot users (and the bloggers I referenced) ALL came from prior versions of Notes.

We have 160 new employees coming in in May and they will be our first wide-scale pilot. We will actively watch how their habits adjust.
Additionaly: I am not a big believer in having PIM tools in startup and the auto creation of apps tabs. It seems a kludgy way to create links to commonly used items - and takes tab 'real estate' for things I may not be "using". Tabs should be for things I am working on.
And the docked open list, though getting better (larger icons, policy driven) just isn't "pretty". It throws off your otherwise nice design balance.
I will try and mock something up with what I am after. Many thanks for hearing me out and responding.

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