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Interesting you bring this up right after Sametime Advanced hitting the streets with a new set of requirements to go over. I can hit up Michelle or have her hunt me down.

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Interesting you bring this up right after Sametime Advanced hitting the streets with a new set of requirements to go over. I can hit up Michelle or have her hunt me down.

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Hi John,I was wondering how long it would take for someone to notice. you win the prize -- you are the first!Yes, re-using the same column was by design. We discussed and prototyped it at length and it was not a decision that Margo (our mail designer) made lightly. As you have noticed, the follow up flag stomps on the reply/forward icon. Our thinkign was that the fact that it's a follow up is more important.

We really tried to minimize the number of columns because we were also introducing the preview on the side, which means less space for lots of columns of information. Users can see if they have replied or forwarded when they open the message. Continue to let us know how it goes , how they adapt or not, andwhat you'd like to see changed.

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You shouldn't have asked :) As it related to Follow-Ups (which I realize I take beyond its initial purpose):

:UI improvements:* The Followup drop-down should offer all three priorites of quick flags (Hi, Med, Low)* Besides being able to "Removing Flag", you should be able to mark something completed (maybe a 'check mark' symbol) - so as not to lose the history that it once was a followup item.* Ability to categorize a followup on the fly. Let me group or add context to my work.* A Followup Paper Report - A nice paper print-out that I can take with me to plan work.
:Integration Concepts:* Let me email myself (or sametime myself) and have it become an instant followup.* Integrate Followups, To-Dos and Activities. They all have similar purposes and overlap.
--If done right you might not even need To-Dos (followups view is better, its in the mail database). Only problem is you lose Blackberry integration, which is also key.
Email volumes are way too high, and I need Notes to be the most streamlined and integrated to-do, followup and task tracking system on the planet. This could be a real differentiator vs. Outlook - and you could get the GTD crowd as a groundswell.

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I agree with Charles R. WAS won't happen here, there's simply no need for it.

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Using one column for two unrelated (IMHO) indicators, without a way to see both pieces of information at once, sounds like a confusing UI. I guess I'm glad I don't use follow-up.

BTW re. seeing them when you open the msg, that's not a replacement for seeing them at a glance. The nice thing about the reply/forward indicators--which haven't even been in the product that long to stomp on them so soon!--is that I don't have to open the msg to see them.... ;-)

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"In your organization will Fred’s job grow to include WebSphere Application Server administration for the Sametime product suite (Sametime Connect, Sametime Advanced, Sametime Unified Telephony, and Sametime Gateway) or will he hire a new person to handle the Telephony Application Server aspects of administration, or, is your company already using WAS and will the WAS administrator take over these responsibilities?"

No, no and no again. Training existing staff or spending an exorbitant amount to hire someone with WAS expertise isn't worth the expense. It's more cost effective -- not to mention easier -- to use Sametime Limited Use for presence and IM, and WebEx for application sharing and web meetings. We have no use for WAS, so why would we bring in specialized skillsets just to support one small component of our infrastructure?
P.S. Apparently the CAPTCHA still times out, but doesn't tell you unless you scroll down. :-\

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Hi Mary Beth,

We too are avid Follow-up flag users, indeed it was one of the plus-features over the GroupWIse system we are migrating from. It used to be possible to group all the Follow-ups at the top of the view with new mail coming in below as a reminder of things to do. I know you can group them on a sidebar but it's not so evident. You can sort on the follow-up/reply-forward column but then new mail ends up after all the flagged items - not useful. Point taken on space for the Preview pane but that can always go below if the user wants. Any chance of a reconsideration of the design decision for a future release?

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I agree. In the previous version of notes I used the flags constantly. I would flag e-mails I needed to keep for reference or others that I needed to follow up on in a week or two. The great thing was that I could sort my emails by that column and have flagged emails show up at the top with new email coming in below. Now with the re/fw notificaiton in the same column, when I try to sort my inbox with this column i get the flagged emails at the top (though in opposite order with the lowest priority on top and the urgent ones at the bottom) and then any email I've replied to or forwarded below the flagged ones, and then new e-mail below that. So now if I want to keep my flagged emails at the top I have to scroll down past every message I've re/fw, which can be a lot! In my opinion this has killed the very function of the flags which is to keep them at the forefront to remind you do take some kind of action. It seems Lotus has taken a major step back on this one...

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