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1 localhost commented Trackback

Love the stronger flow from the tab to the toolbar, particularly since that makes it distinct from the action bar for the app.

2 localhost commented Trackback

Now it looks better.

3 localhost commented Permalink

Looks very nice and clean,

Question, if we open up the tab window in a separate window using javascript, will the toolbar stay with it?

4 localhost commented Permalink

I like it. Much better than the previous screenshot.

5 localhost commented Permalink

The screenshot looks quite neat indeed. However I have a question -- what resolutions you are using to test the usability of the one or another screen? And, what's more important, what is the font size? The reason I'm asking is because the font looks rather big comparing to the default Windows XP one. I'm looking at it on IBM Thinkpad with screen resolution of 1400 x 1050 and the font in screenshot looks literally twice as big as the on I have in application menus.P.S. Happy New Year to you too!!!

6 localhost commented Trackback

Hi - to answer a couple of the questions so far...We are testing on 1024x768 as the minimum screen resolution. Generally, we use 9pt in forms.

The toolbar stays with the window. Right now I'm running with the setting to open each doc in a new window and the toolbar is there at the top.
The formatting toolbar is one of those context-sensitive ones, when you are in edit mode. The options are dimmed when you are in a non-RT field.

7 localhost commented Trackback

Is that a Notes 4.5 Mail icon on I see on the replicator page? :D

I see Synchronize Contacts on there too, is that what I think it is? That indeed would be very useful (and cool) if it does what the "Synchronize Address Book" action in the mailfile does. Very nice.
Toolbars are looking nice, Tabs a little "high" for my taste, but still looks nice. Any chance we can change a tab preference to an 8pt font and bold the selected tab?

8 localhost commented Permalink

Synchronize Contacts replaces the agent in the mail file so you don't have to remember to do that manually. Not sure if it does any more or less than the agent.

Perhaps MB could comment on that ?

9 localhost commented Trackback

I *really* like these MB, very smart and clean and I love the association of the particular toolbar with the page on which it operates.


10 localhost commented Permalink

I agree Neil, if that is 1024x768 then why the giant fonts and the horizontal scroll bar showing at the bottom? The upper right screen restore button shows that the app is maximized in both screenshots, so there should be no horizontal scroll if it is being designed at 1024x768. Also, the toolbars showing in the address book are not relevant. Those input fields look like fixed sizes and fonts, so having the text size, bold, italic, highlighter, left/right/center, and number/bullets are not useful in this scenario. They should only show when the cursor enters a text or rich text field. Cut/Copy/Paste for text and the Print icon are the ones that seem relevant. Not sure what I would print from the replicator page though? For my apps, another helpful visual cue is to always have a border around your action buttons so that they are immediately obvious that they are clickable buttons. The show-the-border-on-mouseover is only ever a nice gimmick IMO. Do the contacts still open in edit mode by default? Each of the entries for email should be clickable mailto links when in read mode.

Also, your location is showing "Office(Network)" which up through ND7 didn't display the part of the location title in parenthesis.
On laptop lcd screens, where (scheduled) client replication is used the most, it is often difficult to see the currently replicating entry as the difference is too subtle. You have alternating colors for the entries, which is white and very very light gray. When the replicator fires off, it highlights the currently replicating entry with an ever so slightly darker gray or taupe (can't really tell), and on this Thinkpad T42, difficult to visually locate, especially with 15 or more entries that scroll off the screen.

11 localhost commented Permalink

uhm... **Not maximized, 974x791 and 978x793 respectively, but close enough to not have to need the horizontal scroll.

12 localhost commented Permalink

The tab area use too many space for me, I expect my content screen can contain as much area as possible. I know someone may think it's small. - So I hope that can be customize and controlled by policy.

I also hope the replication screen can be pin/unpin and resize rather than need to switch to see the full page. I do a lot of replication so it would be good as ND6 and 7 can read mail while seeing the replication status.

13 localhost commented Permalink

I really like the new design. But as the toolbar is so close to the action bar now, users might not be differentiating between action buttons and toolbar buttons.

Maybe you should create a unified user experience for toolbar and action bar. If you think about it, the action bar is nothing else than a context sensitive toolbar.
The unified experience should certainly contain accessibility features such as the ALT-NumberOrCharacterKey combination. Wouldn't it be cool if toolbar buttons were accessible that way? Other than keyboard shortcuts, toolbar buttons are visually present to the user when issuing the commands, which I think makes learning keyboard accessibility features much easier.

14 localhost commented Permalink

I haven't had much time to comment recently and too much Christmas travelling. I'll try to be objective about this so I'll start with my overall impression. The word that most comes to mind is Too.

Too much, too big, too many etc....
I habitually run 3 toolbars in Notes. It would be impossible with these. There is too much border and too much space around the toolbars and icons themselves. The extra space may look different, but from my perspective it is not functional. It looks more like a Console game than a business app. Just my opinion and I know that it doesn't live with the mainstream.
Pretty much the same with the tabs. Lots of border space with text hovering in the middle.
Also I notice that the toolbars are not locked. Can we lock them? I have become used to locked toolbars and would like to see that available in Notes 8 as it is a real pain in Notes6.x upwards when they become dragged about.
Other than that, the 3D styling and bordering is better than previous versions but looks clunky. That may be the 1024x768, however I don't think so.

15 localhost commented Permalink

I believe that the tabs above the toolbar is a mistake.

Things like "cut and paste", "print", bold, etc - have NOTHING to do with the individual Notes applications. They are part of NOTES itself. These are GLOBAL toobar items that are part of the core application itself - they are no different then the File/Print/View/etc menu - an therefore should be with them.
It works it Notes 7 fine. And that is how it works in almsot all windows applications - see Word\Excel\etc.
I dread that Notes is going to have something else that "works weird"...
Lastly, it also loses the distinction between these global toolbar icons and my action bar buttons. Action bar buttons ARE related to individual applications, and therefore SHOULD be under the tabs.
This seems so simple.

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