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How about an action for the client that can be triggered by the user, that will run against the mail file to calculate and correct "unread" counts? Unless, of course, that ever-existing problem is corrected within the Notes8/Dom8 release by some other means? Well, considering the complaints I have to deal with, something would be better than nothing along that line.

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Mary Beth... one thing I keep meaning to mention about the toolbars: can you please reconsider the presence of a CUT action? It's *terrible* when it's included in the view context. I have seen 100+ instances of a user intending to click on EDIT, and hit CUT instead, and instantly go "what happened to my document!!!!"

CUT in views is downright sadistic.

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Since we're trying to improve the iconography how about the "humicons" like the ones for personal.gif and groupcalendar.gif or other similar to indicate how personal a memo is. I have used them in a calendaring application to good affect.
Perhaps a blindfold could be added to the icon if you are bcc'ed :)
Just a thought,Bob

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Another off-topic comment. Can we have icons to indicate if a message is digitally signed, digitally encrypted, or both?

And it would recognize both Notes signatures/encryption and also X.509 signatures/encryption (can use the same icons).
With the Department of Defense mandating that all Defense Department employees sign and/or encrypt all email and not trust any email that is not signed/encrypted (due to very sophisticated phishing and spear-phishing attacks on defense employees) - it sure would be great to know from my Inbox if a message is definitely trustworthy to open.
As we all know, once the government moves, industry tends to move along with it. Notes was years ahead with certificates - now we need to lead the pack in displaying to the user if an email is trusted or not.

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@Charles, Sorry I misunderstood you are right-- once you turn on, say, the address bar, it is on all the time. As we break up Notes into more database-specific plugins we'll be able to make such toolbars more context-sensitive. That will have to wait for Post-Hannover.

@Richard - what you ask for in terms of allowing the admin or app dev to build and deploy a specific toolbar is something we want to provide, but we know we can't fit it into the Hannover release. so keep asking for it, and keep being patient.

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Thanks, Mary-Beth. Hope the next release isn't too far away.

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I must admit that this seems a bit too configurable, esp. for end user.

I would prefer to see an on/off for recipient indicators. I don't think there's a huge market for "empty circle and full circle but not half circle" and any other variation...

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Mary Beth. I do not know if it is too late in the process, but one of the issues that I would like to bring up in regards to the toolbar that we run into is the ability to have the administrators create their own toolbar buttons with their own defined code and push it out to all users. There is currently no interface in doing that. That would be really nice. With Smarticons you could have done that.

Also we display Notes documents in javascript launched windows and it would be nice to have access to the rich text toolbar when I have rich text content displayed in the window similar to how it can work on the web with a rich text editor.

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I can't believe you are "hiding" calendar\contacts\todo. Two click access to them? Imagine if they were under the FILE menu today...

This will decrease usage of the PIM tools by 50%.
Not a good move.

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