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1 localhost commented Permalink

re: Quota Indicator: 682 of 750 MB.

750MB - Warning Limit? or Quota Limit? I realize that it is probably the Quota limit - but will an end user - their complaint - why didn't you warn me when I was getting to the warning limit - now I can't receive mail.
Also, (wish list) the little bar indicator - how about adding some color indicator orange as it gets close to the Warning limit - Red as it gets to the quota limit.
Yes, I know its picky and a little thing, but then sometimes its the little and picky things that make it "work".

2 localhost commented Trackback

Like it, Like it, Like it and LOVE that last one - nice work!

Now if you could just get roaming to work properly, I'll be doing cartwheels! ;-)

3 localhost commented Permalink

Somebody said the other templates get a fresh look, too. What about that? Some are still at the R4 level, no?

4 localhost commented Permalink

Will the old style weekly calendar be making a return? Please, please, please.

It's still there in the Basic version but not in Eclipse.
- Mike

5 localhost commented Permalink

Looks fantastic! "Heading in the right direction..."

I agree on the other templates need a refresh. What about the workspace and replicator tab too?

6 localhost commented Permalink

Does the quota calculation work the way it works when transaction logging is turned on?

7 localhost commented Trackback

Looks really good and I also agree with Dale, that the indicator should be more colorful. Also question about server name - how it looks like if server name is long?

8 localhost commented Permalink

Great little additions! Features like these make a huge difference. They are subtle enough to be almost invisible, but significant enough that you would really miss them should you ever have to use a different messaging solution.

That time zone example could probably be clearer if you used say, EST and PST. I'm not sure where "New" is. (Newfoundland, perhaps?) Anyway, most people probably don't have to handle time zone differences by 1½ hour, right?
BTW, I love the name of your mail server :-) Probably very fitting for a server in the lab, being subject to all those nighly builds with their inevitable bugs, eh?

9 localhost commented Permalink

I think a good feature to include in future release would be:When you have an event that is 2 days or more it would be nice for the calendar to show that entry continuously not as separate entries, I'm not an outlook fan but it does this very nice.

10 localhost commented Trackback

I disagree with Mike about the weekly style. I love the new one. But making it an option cannot be wrong ;-)

And regarding the 8.0.1 announcements: I like them!

11 localhost commented Permalink

Thanks for the quota display... we used to have this in our mail templates as a custom addition, and I was disappointed to not be able to integrate it with the 8.0 templates... but I'll look forward to 8.01!

A couple of points about this... If you are working on a local replica, will the display reflect the values on the server replica, or the local replica? Because sometimes the local replica can be bigger if it doesn't get compacted, and the server replica is really what counts for quotas. Secondly, can a user that doesn't have a quota still see their usage? We've always included an option for that so that users have an idea of how much it is costing their department to have their mail file hosted.

12 localhost commented Permalink


Can we have CTRL-TAB and CTRL-SHIFT-TAB to move between open windows back?

13 localhost commented Permalink

Agree about the coloring of the quota limit. Needs to have a green, yellow and red color code to let Users know their quota status. One caveat however, it doesn't help much for the color blind.Also agree about Swiftfile.

14 localhost commented Trackback

Great Thank You very much!!!

Can You please consider the space key for scrolling down, because the most of the programs use spacekey for scrolling down like: Firefox, Safari, Blackberry etc.thank You.

15 localhost commented Trackback

hmm I still miss ALT+R+R in ND8. ;-)

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