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I think the top reason we should choose linux is it's availability and potential familiarity to large numbers of computer professionals/enthusiasts etc. Everything has a cost and building Enterprise level consistancy into an OS that can be built differently depending on the admin is a cost and weakness of the OS.

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In many cases, Linux is free (up front). Wherever possible, I prefer to run Ubuntu 6.06 LTS on my servers. Previously I ran RHEL which was actually very costly.

On pSeries I'd love to be able to run Ubuntu as well but for now I continue to run RHEL.
Linux is appealing to me because mastering one common skillset will allow me to manage systems from my desktop all the way up through my midrange hardware (and beyond, if I had any zSeries hardware in my data center). I don't have to have a Windows team, a UNIX team, and a Linux team. Two guys run everything.

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