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1 RobHayden commented Permalink

"In a Meeting" is great, I use it regularly and yes, it makes me think again about whether to tap that person for information. "On a Call" in a single click would be good too. I think sametime UC does this automatically, but it would be good as a context menu option on the system tray icon. The number of times I've had a "otp" response from people is staggering.

If there were a way to detect that a presentation tool is being run full screen, and either auto-update the status and/or don't bring new message windows to the front, that would be good.
On that subject - the options to bring windows to the front or not need to be more intuitive. They're buried way too deep at the moment. Basic IM feature. Better yet, it would be helpful to have them settable according to status, although I personally would always keep that particular option switched off anyway.

2 BenjaminChapman commented Permalink

I do find "In a meeting" useful, and while I may "ping" someone (unless it says In a meeting - sharing screen with customers) it lets me know I may not get a timely response.

Also, on status settings - editing a file buried in the rcp folder to remove custom status messages is not user friendly - sure as a tech-head, I have no qualms in modifying the file myself, but for the average user, I'd like to keep them out of that folder if at all possible. A panel in preferences should do the trick.

3 sambridegroom commented Permalink

When I see someone in a meeting, I usually don't IM them (because the meeting may be a demo). Personally, I do find the status values helpful - when people actually use them. Problem is, most people don't use them effectively. I tend to change the status value text often, to reflect what I'm doing or where I am; it helps to set expectations for others that may be trying to contact me. instead of additional status values, how about making changes to the status text a little easier to get to (right now, it's 3 clicks and a dialog box)?

4 ThomasDuff commented Permalink

The ones listed and available are fine with me. As a point of reference, Microsoft's OC client also has a "Be Right Back" setting that is the same color as Away. Guess it's for those times when you are stepping away for a couple of minutes instead of heading out to lunch.

5 Phil_Salm commented Permalink

Two requests:

1) I have had customers request the ability to edit a message for "Offline" status. This would allow others in the company to get info about where you are even when you are not logged on.
2) Give option to tie set status to the 'Out of Office" message in Notes or Outlook if one is currently turned on. That way a user only has to enter those details once.

6 amy_travis commented Permalink

Great comments, everyone, thanks!

@Rob -- good suggestions regarding use of phone and app share awareness. Can you say more about the "bringing windows to the front" issue? Are you talking about in preferences?
@Ben -- agreed -- we need to fix how the custom messages are handled!
@Sam -- do you find that you check the status text before pinging someone?
@Thomas -- interesting re: the "Be right back" setting...

7 amy_travis commented Permalink

@Phil -- great ideas, thanks!

8 RoB commented Permalink

"In a meeting" status is very useful, I may ping someone with that status, most likely asking to be pinged back when the meeting is over.
I like the "be right back" status idea.

9 RobHayden commented Permalink


Yes, I mean in preferences. In order to tell ST not to bring windows to the front, you have to go into File.Preferences then "Notifications" which shows a list that at first glance seems to only dictate the WAV file used for various event types. The area of the dialog below that completely morphs depending on which item in the list you choose, which is very unusual UI behaviour, I'd expect to have to double click an entry in the list to bring up a properties sheet for that option. Either way, it's not obvious that you have to go into something called "One-on-one chat", which I think is the only place in the whole product that term appears, to turn it off. I'd have thought something more clearly visible to the user to say "Stop bringing these things to the Front" would be very helpful. I've personally spoken to maybe 10 people saying they don't know how to turn it off.

10 kbmsg commented Permalink


Be right back is helpful
I use a lunch option for lunch, could add that?
Could use a "leave me the F%^& alone! " option but one could argue then just logoff...but you know how lawyers can be, they dont want to miss anything yet want to be left alone.
The last one was a client request, but funny as well when I pointed out they could logoff or be invisible.

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