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1 D8UR_Declan_Joyce commented Permalink

If you were looking to set a limit to which users, i.e. a group, that should
have access to Sametime meetings, when using the new Websphere version of Sametime 85 - above settings would be a way of doing this. I had some questions about this as follows;
1) Are you saying that we can set a specific group, only, to have access to
Sametime meetings?
2) If a person in this specific group, invites someone else in the
directory, they are not allowed to participate, i.e. denied access?
3) Would you please elaborate a bit on this topic, on how the settings would work, once set?

2 amy_travis commented Permalink

Except for the two policies at the end (Allow Meeting Room Polls and Allow Annotations of Uploaded Content), these settings are all server-based, which means they affect all meetings running on a particular server, rather than being settings you can apply to particular users.

So, for example, if you were to specify the ejectionTimeout, that affects all meetings run on this server. You could specify that after users are manually removed from a meeting room, they cannot access that room for 5 minutes, or 10, or you could set it to zero to allow them back in immediately.
You can specify whether a particular server allows guest access, which can, in effect, lock out people who don't authenticate. But that's the only setting noted above that might affect one group of people (unauthenticated) but not another (authenticated).

3 amy_travis commented Permalink

You can find documentation on the server settings here:

And policies are documented here:

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