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1 CTyler commented Permalink

It makes a big difference, and I like it for a few reasons:
1. It lets me know why the person is slow typing their response.
2. If I'm thinking of calling a person and don't have any telephony integration, it makes it a little more obvious I should call their cell phone.
3. Mobile users tend to disconnect more, so if I want the person urgently I know to ping them straight away.
4. It lets me understand why I can't send the user rich text, start a meeting etc.
5. The user status (obviously not an icon but a number) allows Sametime developers to send information based upon that connection state, do they get workflow notifications when mobile etc.

2 vskinner commented Permalink

I think it would also make me think twice about sametiming them. If it was urgent, I still would, but if it wasn't urgent, I'd just email - since my assumption is, if someone's on their mobile, they may be busy doing other things.

3 bobleah commented Permalink

@ Val - I feel the same way... if a person shows mobile, I tend not to ST them.

4 jscherpa commented Permalink

Thanks for the input - If we removed the phone behind the icon, how would you feel if their availability status message in the top of the chat window header indicated that they were mobile?


5 CTyler commented Permalink

If you removed the phone in the contact list, then you remove the value of seeing immediate presence.

It means I have to take an action to see something I should have available immediately. So I'd have to start a chat to then find out, they're mobile and probably not in the best situation for a chat. Would be a stupid decision in my opinion.
I imagine you're trying to do this so you can show when someone is on a read phone call or something.
Perhaps if you explained why IBM is thinking of changing the way displaying presence information works, we might be able to suggest alternatives.

6 abeval commented Permalink

Is there a way to turn off the mobile icon? I don't always want co-workers to see that I am on the move. Thanks for your help.

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