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Comments (4)

1 seah0rse commented Permalink

Wasn't even aware of this option in the preferences! Just turned it on now though. Thanks!

2 LucasChaney commented Permalink

I am in the camp of it is no longer needed. I prefer that users not know when I close their window. If it's an important sametime, they will write something back and it'll re-open and flash for me to see there's more to still talk about. With the great chat history capabilities of today's ST, you can close and open as many times as you need to to collaborate.

3 amy_travis commented Permalink

@seah0rse -- glad you can try this out now -- let me know what you think!

4 amy_travis commented Permalink

@LucasChaney -- Great, thanks for the feedback! Just curious -- do you tend to use tabbed chat or separate chat windows?

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