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I just saw Mary Beth Raven's Tweet which directed me here. My vote is that presence isn't important in a web conference in the same way that it is for IM. If someone is on Attendee List within a web conference you know they're there and you expect them to be actively engaged. What I find more important within a web conference are icons/indicators next to each attendees' name that distinguishes them as the web conference Organizer, Presenter(s), or Participant. Of course, any additional indicators within a web conference also help. For example, ones that show who is actively speaking via an audio channel as well one that shows who is a member of a Q&A Group within the Chat capability, etc.

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@Nathan --

Great feedback, thanks! Good idea to make sure people's roles are shown everywhere -- I like your suggestion about showing the icon in the drop-down for the chat to show the Q & A group members (you're talking about in LotusLive Meetings, I assume?).
And an indication of who is the current person speaking is another important feature, so you know who is talking if you don't recognize their voice.

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Hi Amy,

I agree with nsirota's comments. I rather see attendees' roles than the presence icons, especially when someone is speaking. Sometimes people don't announce their name before speaking and we are left wondering whose is speaking. In addtion, we may need to respond to a speaker's inquiry at a later time and seeing the icon would eliminate the need to interrupt the person and ask their name.

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Great, thanks for the feedback, Myra!

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I agree with the other comments; rather see attendees' roles than the presence icons.

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@SteveDAI -- OK, good to know! Sounds like I'm getting some consistent feedback about this...

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While I agree with others that the Samtime presence icons in meeting participant list is not as important as in a common instant messaging session, but I do sometime need these icons to understand if participant somehow leave the virtual meeting (without leaving the meeting application though) or not be able to actively participate. For example, people may leave their computer for a while (away) and I would like to know that. Maybe we can consider use some different presence service in meetings than standard Sametime presence, indicating the acting role as well as the active status in a meeting.

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@Ming -- good point -- it is important to know if someone steps away.

Did you use Sametime Classic meetings? In that product, we had separate presence settings for in-meeting and out-of-meeting. So people outside of the meeting would see that you were in the meeting, but in the meeting room itself, we allowed you to have a separate status -- away, available, DND. We removed that model for ST 8.5 because it seemed to be more confusing than helpful, but, as you point out, there are aspects of that that we might want to bring back.

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@Amy, only in a simple way without confusion. :)

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