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1 bobleah commented Permalink

Having looked at the results of John's video capture of user testing.. I can certainly state the value in this. Seeing a video of actual users' testing our scenarios adds a new dimension vs. reading a results report.

BTW John... I added a feed to your blog into the usability & design group.

2 dwblogadmin commented Permalink

John you got any blooper reels from dW usability sessions? I'd pay to see that.


3 bobleah commented Permalink

Actually... it would be nice if you can gain permission to post some of the videos made during user testing... including bloopers!

4 Jamesco commented Permalink

Great video. I agree the impact of hearing/seeing users' feedback is incredibly powerful and it really drive home the need to continuously focus on our audience.

5 brenny commented Permalink

I agree. This goes back to the definition that I remember reading about how only 7% of meaning is conveyed through the words of a spoken conversation. That inflection and body language constitute 80%.

Having all of that is very valuable additional input.
This is especially the case I feel when sample sizes are small for user testing.
Great stuff John.

6 David_Salinas commented Permalink

Great vids John. YOU really have been the leader in getting us to try out recording the sessions to be able to explore the opportunities and possiblities that you have outlined. THANKS for your willingness to innovate.

7 mullerj commented Permalink

Thank you for the comments. We are planning some exciting usability tests on the Rational Software RFE Community. The Rational Software RFE Community allows you to collaborate with Rational development teams and other product users through the ability to search, view, comment on, vote for, watch, submit, and track product requests for enhancement (RFEs). There is already a ton of RFEs and comments in the system, so if you use Rational products then I encourage you to try this out.

I plan on creating video highlight tapes from these upcoming usability sessions and will try to share of a sample of the highlight tapes when they are ready as part of this blog.