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1 Kleber commented Permalink

Nice video.

Actually I didn't find those features that you mentioned on My Dw such as "Watching Article" or "Add to my favorite"

2 bobleah commented Permalink

The features mentioned by John are coming... real soon! I really like this concept of incremental profiling.. building and sharing things about yourself should be part of the natural experience of a social website.. especially a vertical social network like we have here on developerWorks. Looking forward to seeing this soon!

3 bobleah commented Permalink

BTW... really like the format of this vlog! The way you cut into the screen details... very nice! We need more vloggers on dW!!!

4 Kleber commented Permalink

I also like the format of this vlog.
Good job !

5 mullerj commented Permalink

Thank you for the positive comments. I will continue to share our design ideas as early as possible ... it is always easier to to fix and improve designs based on feedback on concepts and static prototypes versus trying to make design changes after a lot of the code has been written. I am excited that MydeveloperWorks is enabling us to open up the lines of communication with the folks that use our site .. so that we can make our features, functions and content as useful as possible for you.

As part of this blog, I will also be demoing various parts of the developerWorks site to increase awareness of some of the useful features on our site.

6 David_Salinas commented Permalink

AWESOME posting.... these are great ideas on how to enable incremental profiling. You are a genius, John.

7 Jamesco commented Permalink

YOU ROCK! What a great VLOG. What do you think about creating a (focus) group on My dW to share and discuss feedback on incremental profiling?

8 mullerj commented Permalink

FYI - Incremental profiling is now on the site .. a while back an "Add to my interests" button was included on articles. Soon we will also include incremental profiling as part of creating a blog on My developerWorks. If you are interested in creating your own blog, see the new how-to video in this blog, posted on 8/14/09.