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1 PeterYim commented Permalink

Good info, John. I really like video blogging.

2 bobleah commented Permalink

Super vlog on such a timely subject. One think I started doing a few years back was switching my mouse between hands... doesn't work for everyone, but with patience and practice you can become accustomed to it real quick. I'm also going to try to find a auto clicking program... thanks!

3 Jamesco commented Permalink

Hi John,
This video blogging is so cool. I learned a lot about RSI. I have very small wrists too, so now I know why I have to focus on stretching and all the other great tips that you provided

p.s. Your neighbors dogs barking in the background reminded me of working at home, but it's usually my dog doing all the barking.

4 annebev commented Permalink

I didn't even know such as thing as auto clicking existed. I can think of many times where it would have come in handy. Last year I started attending a once a week yoga class. It's painful doing the stretching, but you feel so good afterward. We don't tend to think our hands, wrists, arms need it as well.

5 Govind_Baliga commented Permalink

Great topic for a vBlog. Definitely taking micro-breaks throughout the day, and simple stretching exercises help overcome physical pain in the long run.

One of the things that I'd like on web browser is auto-filling forms for certain fields (Name, address, Phone # etc), it saves a lot of time in typing and reduces stress.

6 mullerj commented Permalink

Another thing that saves a lot of typing is a macro text tool .. that allows you to use a quick keystroke to type longer text that you use over and over .. hmmm ... perhaps I just thought of the next blog post :-) ... I'll try to find time this week to create a quick demo and will post it to this blog.