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1 msoos commented Permalink

Predictive analytics is not only hard, it's sometimes impossible. In the case of Olympics, using predictive analytics I think cannot give good results. In fact, I believe the Ludic fallacy might well apply in this case. Of course that doesn't take away from its usefulness in other domains :)

2 JeanFrancoisPuget commented Permalink

I agree with you that if the relevant information isn't present then predictive analytics is impossible. I won't discuss Ludic Fallacy much as I failed to get a clear definition of it. As a matter of fact, I only saw it defined by examples, which means that one has to infer the definition from examples, i.e. use some form of predictive analytics. It means that in order to understand what the Ludic Fallacy is about, one needs to use the very technique it is supposed to invalidate! I find this to be a funny contradiction.