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1 msoos commented Permalink

Actually, the new solutions weren't simply more socially acceptable, they were in a way more optimal, because they pleased more people while not harming others. If the optimization criteria is not only to keep within guidelines such as the law, but also to please as many people as possible, the final solution was also more optimal in a mathematical sense. I think the fact that this involved a process where the optimization software had a face, a person one could turn to, is a somewhat separate (albeit socially highly successful) issue.

2 JeanFrancoisPuget commented Permalink

Right, there are indeed two orthogonal plays here.
One is about solving a better approximation of the real business problem. The mathematical model is an approximation that leaves out important requirements. How to cope with these missing pieces? Interactivity is one way. Ownership of decision isn't relevant here.
The other play is about how to make it more acceptable socially. There, both interactivity, and ownership of decision play a key role IMHO.