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1 FrancesP commented Permalink

Jay...what is xt3m7ag6pd? a claim? what kind of claim? would you please provide some more clarification.

2 JayAllen commented Permalink

Frances - it's geek code, sorry.

Alright it's a code that Technorati returns after you submit your blog homepage for claiming. You put it on your blog homepage so that it shows up in your RSS and Atom feeds to prove you are who you say you are.
Being claimed by Technorati raises your blog's visibility, the benefits of which are outlined here: http://support.technorati.com/faq/topic/87
We opened a ticket with Technorati awhile ago because we couldn't get it to recognize a mydW blog; we couldn't even get a claim code. So we're getting further now, fingers crossed...

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