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Comments (10)

1 bobleah commented Permalink

Great to see the attendance for your session was so well attended!

2 Jamesco commented Permalink

Great job guys. I'm glad to hear the session went so well. I'm glad to hear John Muller was able to work some of our Lotus "connections" in order to join you at Lotusphere.

3 vskinner commented Permalink

Will your presentation be posted anywhere after the event?

4 JayAllen commented Permalink

@vskinner yep, we'll find out where it will permanently live and let everyone know.

5 bobleah commented Permalink

@ Jay - you can add it to the dW Enthusiasts group....

6 mullerj commented Permalink

Great presentation Jay and Nick! The Lotusphere attendees got a lot out of it.

7 f1234567 commented Permalink

this is a test for the per your request.. but also glad to know you presented in LotusSphere... send me your presentation when you have a chance..

8 arunsr3 commented Permalink

great to hear the lotus conf went well

9 JayAllen commented Permalink

i love the nonce

10 JayAllen commented Permalink

and again

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