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1 localhost commented Permalink

Hey James,

Fourth, remote blogging support (w.bloggar), fifth, sixth, and seventh??
I really like the tag cloud portlet, I think we may steal it. Who do we make the check out to?

2 localhost commented Trackback

I actually wrote the tag cloud portlet for the new internal blog system. Given that they're both roller-based, I just had to tweak a few of the html tags to match up to the dW template. Feel free to steal it, of course. Also note that I changed out all of the references to the RSS feeds in favor of the Atom feed. I'll likely make a few other tweaks as time goes on.

3 localhost commented Permalink

Since I was interested in learning about how Roller was implemented (e.g. is this on websphere portal), I started by doing a view source on the page and noticed that the and tags occur twice, surrounding the footer area.

4 localhost commented Trackback

Yup, I like the tag cloud too, especially if it refers to your own personal set of tags.


5 localhost commented Trackback

[Trackback] As readers may know, I'd run a weblog at http://thelostoutpost.blogspot.com/ for about four months. It was going OK and has had a fair, but relatively small level of traffic. It ran on Blogger, which was bought by Google a few years ago.I chose Bl...

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