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1 AndyTedd commented Permalink

Hi John

This article really helped me out of a bind yesterday, so the timing of the post couldn’t have been better.
In my case a misconfigured Linux_File_Information situation caused the hub TEMS and remote TEMS to stop, thus giving me no method to remove the situation from the environment.
Following the steps in ‘Recovery Action Part 1’, I was able to get the hub to start partially. I was still unable to log into the TEMS to run tacmd commands, however it did allow for the TEPS server to start correctly. With the TEPS up, I removed the bad situation, re-instated the previous KBBENV file, restarted the TEMS servers and was back in business.
Thank you for continuing to post these articles.

2 jalvord commented Permalink

Very good news, Andy!!

I have added that possibility as an option to step 2.
John Alvord

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