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Comments (12)

1 gulfsoft commented Permalink

Awesome as always, John, and EXTREMELY helpful. Thanks for all of your support!

2 NoelLewis commented Permalink

Nice pic of the kitties...

3 jalvord commented Permalink

Thanks Frank. I am usually just writing up solutions to issues that customers have brought up in PMRs. What is written here is a bit more polished and thoughtful. Often my testing for the blog requires a more general scheme.

I am working to get ahead of the game. At this week I have two un-posted entries and a third in the thinking stage.

4 FranMartinez commented Permalink

As always, I am amazed with your work. when I grow up (I'm not saying that you are "elder" ) I want to be like you. -))))

5 jalvord commented Permalink

A reminder... the third sit needs revision so the sysload15 attributes are sent. john

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