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finally something that says "it's alive"

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Can this tool detect when an ITM agent is not uploading its History data to TDW via the WPA connection?

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Thanks for the utility, it is quite useful.
I tried it in my local dev/test environment with just 1 HubTEMS and 1 agent, it was successful, but in my CSV file I get

Total Responsive agents,1,100.00
Why is it showing 1,100.00? It should display as
Total Responsive agents,1,
Right? Can you please clarify why it shows 1,100?
Find below the complete summary.
Total Agents,1,
Total Managed agents of Interest,1,
Total Responsive agents,1,100.00
Total Responsive agents needing retry,0,
Total Unhealhy Agents,0,
Total Invalid Oplog agents,0,

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Total Responsive agents,1,100.00

The first number is the number of responsive agents, 1 in this case.
The second number is the percent responsive agents, 100.00% in this case since there was only one agent of interest.
This gets a lot more interesting when you have a lot of agents. So far large environments have shown 1% to 1.5% unhealthy... however that is only a few compared to all the ITM environments out there.
John Alvord

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Thank you for the answer

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