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1 jalvord commented Permalink

I had a case in testing recently. I was working with some customer TEMS database files including a TNODESAV that reflected 14,000+ agents. It was loaded onto a AIX 6.1 system with 12 gigs of main memory. After a provision fix test completed successfully, I viewed the kdsmain condition using topas. It was solidly using 80-90% of CPU even though "nothing" was running.

I checked and there was a normal ordinary MS_Offline situation with a sampling interval of 1 minute. In this test environment, there were 14,000+ offline situations. None of the customer agents were connected to my test TEMS. Every minute the hub TEMS had to process 14,000+ results and it was just about all a 12gig AIX 64bit system could handle.
I stopped MS_Offline and topas showed kdsmain now using 0.5% CPU. That was sort of a "duh" moment but it goes to show how floods of MS_Offline results can chew up the CPU time. That is exactly what happens when you set Persist>1 or have a MS_Online type situation. So please avoid doing that!!

2 zabdulshaikh commented Permalink

Excellent, and thorough in-depth article John, Cheers

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