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Hello Jac!

For me Informix is #1!
Good to see so much happening with Informix these days, I like to read every bit about Informix and love to work on IDS.
I've worked on IDS 7.31 9.4 10 and now 11.10 also on Oracle 9i and 10g.
But then Why Informix? Not a question that i would ask my self but would certainly like to answer or explain every one who talks about databases ofcourse with in my reach.
I've read informix books and informix guys talking about the light thread based informix architecture the very small footprint and so on. The oracle guys talks about locks being the scarce resourse in informix occupy memory and so on.
After few years of working with databases i understand that every database is different and built by the vendor targeting spceific client base also personaly i believe that a database is as good as its vendor markets it ;)

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