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1 localhost commented Permalink

The Hibernate documentation has a good overview of some oo/db mapping strategies:


2 localhost commented Permalink

ORM like Hibernate is used to translate object model (inheritance, collections) to data model. Informix from years (since IDS2000) natively supports object model (no need for inheritance mapping). A paradox is that nobody is using this: for OO purists it is not enough object oriented, for database people it is a bit strange (unnatural) approach.Another paradox: OO people are against stored procedures because stored procedure languages are different and legacy (SPL, PL/SQL) + not object oriented. Since many years we have standard java in following databases: DB2, Oracle, Informix, Cloudscape, and others (MS SQL is exception: C# instead of java).In practice nobody is implementing domain layer in java inside databases (which would be domain model accessible by all database clients not only object oriented). So the true oo/db impedance mismatch is different from plain mapping.

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