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1 RafalKonik commented Permalink

This is great idea. Do you know if any one created similar thing for 2014 World Cup? I wonder if we could use for NCAA. STG has been using Focal Point for many years and taking advantage of Focal Point strengths like pair-wise comparison.

2 Victoria Bunyard commented Permalink

Hello Rafal - this was not updated for 2014, but I think there is quite a lot of interest in doing this again - if we get a new version I will publish the results after the competition is over!

3 NasserAhmed commented Permalink

Holy moly, I remember creating this! I'm pretty sure the FIFA data is much richer today than it was in 2010. I do miss Focal Point, such a fascinating tool that has no doubt moved on. <div>&nbsp;</div> It might be worth getting Fahd Ali Zahid (IBM, Dubai) to do the analysis for the 2014 data. I know he's than over being the tool expert since I left for Google. I"ll give him a call to see if he's up to the challenge. :) <div>&nbsp;</div> Thanks for the trip down memory lane Victoria Bunyard!