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I don't think that there is a need to discuss whether Value is the main driver for all decisions; because it is. <br /> I think that the main reason why it is not always obvious -that value is the driver- is that value means something else to everybody. <div>&nbsp;</div> For instance: Doing as the loudest voice asks to do means the loudest voice will support you. That can be seen a big valuable. <br /> Not doing as the loudest voice asks may mean you spread the message that reason goes before pressure; which again can be seen as valuable. <div>&nbsp;</div> How do you compare the 2 values? How do you compare when you only have the blink of an eye to decide? <div>&nbsp;</div> Therefore I believe it is important to express which behaviors you (or any organization) values. But in the heat of the battle pragmatism should rule. <div>&nbsp;</div> Best regards <br /> Jan <br />