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1 J550_Byju_Joy commented Permalink

How is Application Portfolio Management differently implemented so that maintenance/enhancement costs reduces below 66%? How APM differs from current industry practices? Any tools or methodologies to make this efficient? How does APM differ from Project/Progra,/Portfolio management?

2 JohanHedström commented Permalink

Great questions..... when it's said that APM can help reduce the spend below 66% of the IT budget that relates to the result an Application Portfolio Management "ongoing activity" can generate. <div>&nbsp;</div> Spending such a significant amount of funds on maintenance and operation creates an obstacle and a challenge for organizations to drive innovation and support business initiatives that could generate significant value for the organization. But with APM done the correct way their has been results when organizations have been able to re balance this spend (see example:;Site=default&amp;cty=en_us) <div>&nbsp;</div> The tools in the Rational portfolio for APM is Focal Point and System Architect. More info can be found on: <div>&nbsp;</div>