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1 wiedrich commented Permalink

The journey you've discussed above is similar in many ways to mine even though we may have taken slightly different paths along the way. I'm curious how your prioritization is done. I do agree that RTC has allowed us to tie together our stakeholders requirements to our planning process until it's delivered and as you've suggested we've been able to better manage our backlog. Where I think there is room for improvement is in the prioritization of our perceived important work and the current backlog. How are you drawing the line?

2 owenja commented Permalink

Thanks for your comment Robb. Originally we were undertaking prioritisation within our individual teams. Recently we have started to prioritise large pieces of work (epics) at the organisation level. To allow this to happen a Product Manager has been appointed. They are responsible for creating a prioritised release plan. Feeding into this are the items from our customers. We've assigned account managers who work with our stakeholder to identify their priorities and feed them into the release plan. The Product Manager has then create a single prioritsed list, pitiching different customer requests against each other. This isn't straight forward and we're still trying to find our way in this aspect of release planning.