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1 wwh commented Permalink

how do we checkin - foursquare and facebook i only find swan and dolphin hotel, no innovate conf.

2 wwh commented Permalink

Are there some guidelines for the QR scanning hunt? The clues seem non-related without some context.

3 RebeccaLalez commented Permalink

@WWH Great questions. <div>&nbsp;</div> For Foursquare: If you search for IBM Innovate, you'll find it. We're working on figuring out why it isn't showing up on the main list. <div>&nbsp;</div> For the QR codes, when you find the right ones, you'll know it. Happy hunting! :) <div>&nbsp;</div> (note: even I don't know where we put them up. If I find them, I'll tweet out a clues on where you can go to scan them)

4 wwh commented Permalink

For next time, there are so many QR squares around -- im not sure if smartphone gps technology can get this precise, but if it can read the QR and then fix a gps entry, which would then plot on a map of the hotel, that would be great -- it is impossible to systematically scan every single box in the hotel unless I do it serially in one block of time. As you go to sessions, you will scan a few at a time, but since there's no way to 'collect' what you've scanned, you lose interest, re: Farmville, coin collecting, etc.

5 wwh commented Permalink

Or the QR's can have a location address, which can then be persisted in some map.

6 RebeccaLalez commented Permalink

@WWH Totally understand. Will add that to our plans for Innovate 2012. Thanks for the suggestions.